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God's Answer Not Hard to Swallow

By Audra Haney
The 700 Club

CBN.comShawna Hagans, a high school French teacher, developed a sharp pain in her thyroid area.
“All I do all day long is talk.” Shawna said. “I have 168 students and having that pain not only just eating or swallowing, but speaking. It was a constant, daily pain, minute-by-minute.”

Shawna went to her doctor but after extensive testing, he couldn’t find anything wrong.

“Leaving there with no answer just heightened my fears and I really needed the Lord to give me peace,” Shawna said. “I didn’t want to worry. I didn’t want to be anxious for anything and I wanted to give it all to Him, but there was a part of me that was still worried.”

Shawna had a follow up doctor’s visit scheduled for several weeks later. Just days before her appointment, she turned on the 700 Club—for one very specific reason. “Seeing their testimonies all the time, I knew that if I turned on that TV I could expect a blessing.”

“I just asked the Lord, I said, ‘Lord, I know You can heal me. I know You will heal me. But You know, sometimes in my humanity I can worry, so if You just give me a word through one of them to let me know…’ Before I could even get the prayer out of my mouth, Terry was pointing to the area, the thyroid area.”

Terry: “…Someone else, you have a condition. I don’t know what it is but your throat closes up. You have a hard time eating. You even have a hard time swallowing. Just touch your throat right now and receive that healing from the Lord as He releases that for you.”

“When I received the word, I was ecstatic,” Shawna said. “And I just began to worship. I just began to raise my hands, just thank God. I knew it was for me. I claimed that word for myself.”

Two days later, Shawna knew that something was different. “I realized that I had been healed when I was in the kitchen,” Shawna said. “I was about to get something to eat and I realized at that moment I didn’t have any pain. I was extremely excited. I just felt loved. I felt that God loved me enough to give me that word so that I would not worry.”

Today, Shawna is completely pain free and her symptoms have not returned. “God can heal, and God can deliver, and God can set free.” Shawna said. “You just have to believe because faith is the substance of the things hoped for, and that is our evidence of the things we don’t see. If God said it, He’s going to do it.”

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