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God Reverses the Effects of a Car Accident

By David DiCicco
The 700 Club“My whole neck snapped down and back up and just pain shot from the top of my head all the way down, through my spine down my right leg, I mean just a hot, shooting, burning pain.”

Randy Lawrence had just been rear-ended by an SUV as he exited a busy expressway. He suffered severe injuries to his back, neck and sciatic nerve. “There was just this continued pain shooting down my leg from the pressure on the sciatic nerve. My neck was so tight that it’s like literally I could probably move it that far and that was it. At one point I couldn’t even carry two small bags of groceries into the house because of the pain.”    

Ten months of therapy brought only temporary relief. “It was really at about ten months of going through those therapies that at a prayer meeting that was for the international ministry that I led, that God supernaturally healed me of the sciatic nerve pain. But yet the neck pain continued to be there with difficulties in the neck.”

Randy moved his family and his real estate business to Wesley Chapel, Florida, to start True Life church. However, the lingering neck pain was compounded by a new problem. “I was really having just daily headaches with my neck and the stiffness taking place from the injury. I’m working sometimes eight to twelve hour days. When you have this pain nonstop, it affects you. You know it was tough.”

One night, Randy came home from work and turned on The 700 Club. “There was a testimony on about a person’s knee being healed. And I said, ‘Lord I need to be healed.’ And as soon as I said that, Pat came on and said, ‘I want to pray right now for healing.’ and I stood up and he began to pray. 

Pat: “You twisted your neck and you can almost feel something popped out on the side of your neck, just put your hand over there on it in the name of Jesus, you’ll feel heat and you’ll be completely healed.”

“And you could just sense this heat and tingling – and I stood there and as I turned my neck, I turned it and it just went (clicking noise) like that and turned it the other way and (clicking noise). It was like this internal popping of every locked up vertebrae of everything that was out of alignment God just supernaturally brought it perfectly into alignment. Instantaneously the headache was gone. I had not had that kind of relief in years.”

Randy has been free of the pain for more than 2 years. “Going through that process, and having that supernatural healing, and the release of the pain really reinvigorated and bolstered my faith to be able to communicate that with others. The reality is, God has healed me. He’s no respecter of persons; God has healing for you as well.”

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