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God's Healing Quicker than Doctor's Prognosis

By Dory Nissen
The 700 Club

CBN.comMary Woods is a super busy mom with two young daughters and a full time job. “I get up in the morning and wake my girls up at 7:15. And get them moving and going to get ready to get out the door and not be late for school.”

But her ability to keep the household running came to a stand still when Mary injured her side while lifting a piece of furniture. “It was intense. Almost if you could not get a full deep breath because the pain was so sharp. I went to the E.R. that evening and they told me it was a pulled muscle and there was not much else I could do but allow it to heal. When I came home, within two days, I was worse.”

One night Mary decided to pray with The 700 Club and ask God for healing. “Pat spoke a word. ‘There is somebody that has pain in their left side.’” (Pat on camera: ‘Something happened to somebody’s stomach. I was going to say it was an ulcer, but its not.’)

“I just felt instantaneously that the Lord was touching me. Tears started coming down my eyes. I was able to breathe and move and bend without pain. The Lord had instantaneously healed me. I am so incredibly grateful for God’s mercy and grace for reaching out His hand and touching me.”

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