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Painful Throat Condition Vanishes with Prayer

By Amy Reid
The 700 Club“What I had here in my throat it would hurt when I was swallowing,” recalls Millie.  “It was almost like you had a ball like this and you just were trying to pass your food or your liquid (over it), and you could feel the pain. It was a point that I would just cough sometimes unable to really eat, I would be coughing.”

Millie Estess had suffered from this pain for quite some time and knew that the problem wasn’t her tonsils, because they’d been taken out years before. “The only thing that I could do at that time was seek the Lord and prayer,” says Millie, “And pray and believe that He will heal me.”

One morning Millie was watching the 700 Club. “At the time that they're doing the prayer,” Millie remembers, “Terry Meeuwsen, she had a word: ‘There’s somebody else, you have a very sore throat. It’s not tonsils. You don’t even have tonsils. You have a swelling and it’s just very, very painful. God is healing whatever the cause of that is.’ Then all of a sudden when she spoke the word, she just described exactly what I had, and all I can say to you is, I stood up out of the sofa and I received the word of God and I started raising my hands and I just said, ‘Thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord!!’" 

It was like somebody had touched inside and it just went out, you know, like it went down.  Whatever it was, it just disappeared; it was no longer there.
Well, I started eating and I started drinking water. I just could sense that there was nothing there stopping, it's almost like, you know, a plug was completely gone and I was able – to this day I’m still able – to just drink and eat normally.

Now, the difference is that it's like a clean pipe. There's nothing there.  It's just clean. I cannot explain to you any more than that, but I just say it's just clean, and I thank You, Lord.  God is true and His word is true. Do not despair because despair will not bring us the answer. But if you look unto Jesus, the Healer, the Jehovah Rapha, you will see that He will heal you.”
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