The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

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Supernatural Deliverance From Pain

By Brandice Hudson
The 700 Club“Just out of the blue, the pain would hit me and I would fall. My arches were falling and I also had bone spurs, arthritis, and nemosis, which is an infection of the foot.  I went to chiropractors and massage therapists. I had two podiatrists that I went to but the diagnosis was always the same. The only way they could see out would be, finally, surgery.”

“I left my employment. I couldn’t work there anymore. We were on our feet 9 hours a day.  I went through a great period of sadness and it did borderline depression I would say because you do feel inadequate. You can’t enjoy the life that you used to. I have a great empathy for people who suffer everyday with pain now. I didn’t understand that before, but I do now.”

“I came in and The 700 Club was on. It was the last ten minutes, and there was a young woman giving her testimony about how she ran for twelve years and every night her feet would hurt. I just had this overwhelming compassion for her. And then she began to talk about how God had healed her and I said, ‘You know Lord, am I going to hurt twelve years?’ And that’s all I said, ‘Am I going to hurt 12 years too?’ And that’s when Gordon Robertson came on.”

Then Victoria heard Gordon Robertson pray. “There’s a woman.  You are saying the soles of your feet.  You’ve got problems with fallen arches in both feet… It’s very difficult for you to walk, very painful. God is healing you now.” 

“I just had this supernatural knowledge I was healed. So I stood up and I just started jumping up and down like a rabbit. I was just rejoicing and laughing and crying. I was hysterical because the pain was gone. My feet weren’t hurting. My legs weren’t hurting. My hip wasn’t hurting. My back wasn’t hurting. It was so remarkable.”

“A few months later, my left foot started hurting again. And I’m like, ‘No!  God’s healed my feet.’ By that point I had been to the doctor, had all my records closed, had stopped my disability and I’m like, oh no, but God’s healed me. I turn on the TV again and there’s The 700 Club again. Terry Meeuwsen had a word of knowledge for someone’s left foot. I actually recorded it and kept playing it over and over.”

Finally, my foot stopped hurting. For some reason it just wanted to hurt again, but God just wanted me to know He was in the business of healing. He did complete what He started.”

“I get to wear cowboy boots again! Now I’m beginning to wear shoes I love again. I quit my gym and I give that membership money to The 700 Club.”

“Some people ask, ‘Why me? Why me?’  I ask that. ‘Why me, God? Why did You heal me? What did I do that deserved this?’ I didn’t do anything.  Jesus did it all.  He purchased our salvation, but He purchased our healing and deliverance too.”
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