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One Prayer Changed it All

By Christine McWhorter
The 700 Club“I couldn’t raise my hands above my head and do things above my head. I couldn’t do things down low. It made it hard to sleep. It made it hard to function.”

Elizabeth Stone was always in pain. She had been injured when a family member hit her during an argument. “It slung me across the room. I hit the door and I don’t remember anything for a while. When I woke up the next morning my neck was stiff. I couldn’t turn my neck. Everything was just bruised and stiff.”

Before long, Elizabeth’s pain got worse. She started experiencing numbness throughout  her body. She went to physical therapy, where she learned the severity of her injuries. “He told me that basically what had happened to my neck was like whiplash.”

She says that the therapist told her that her neck, shoulders and back might never get better. All he could do was offer pain medications. By now Elizabeth had married and was frustrated because she couldn’t take care of the home for her family. But that was about to change. One day she was watching The 700 Club when Pat Roberson started praying for viewers.

Pat Robertson from a clip on the TV: “There is a pinched nerve in your back and in your neck, and right now God is touching it. If you want to put your hand on your neck…”

“I did. I had a kind of a tingling that went up my neck, down my back. I could feel pressure releasing. I used to have a great big knot between my shoulders and my neck, and the knot is gone. And I haven’t had the knot since.” Nor has she had the pain. Now she can enjoy working around the house with her husband Frank and her son Tracy.

“It’s a blessing when I can get out there and I can get on the end of that rake, get on the end of that shovel, I can work on my flower beds.”

Elizabeth says she knows it was God who healed her that day.

A lot of people say, ‘Well, God won’t do that for me. He did it for you but He won’t do it for me because I’ve done this, this, this, and this.’ God doesn’t play favorites. I believe that all they have to do is ask God. God is always there.”

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