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His Mercies Are New Every Morning

By Randy Rudder
The 700 Club

CBN.comAnnette Ryder dealt with chronic neck, back, and hip pain for several years. 
“I began to have this pain radiating in my neck and mid-back and shoulder and in the shoulder blade,” she says. The pain was unrelenting and was compounded by the stress of losing her 34-year old son Chase, who died unexpectedly in 2008. “It was quite traumatic when I got the news, and I just went to my knees and I felt the Lord’s arms wrap around me very firmly, and he just held me together.”
Annette’s pains grew progressively worse. It was often excruciating to perform her duties as a home health care worker and visits to a chiropractor provided little relief. “It would be better after a treatment, and then come back on me, just tighten up. The muscle spasms just kept coming and it wouldn’t relent. And I was getting pretty discouraged.”
Annette is a regular viewer of The 700 Club, and was watching one night in April of 2013. “The prayer segment came on, and I said, ‘Oh, Lord, I would really like to have a word from you about this pain. And right then, Pat said, ‘You’ve got a muscle in your back, and it’s into your neck, and you have headaches and you have all kinds of muscle spams and strain. But right now, God is taking away the strain and your back is going to be completely whole,’” Annette recalls.  
Annette said to herself, “Oh, that sounds like me. Could that be for me?” Right at that moment, Terry also said, “And the pain includes the left hip. You have a deteriorating hip socket and you haven’t had anything done surgically, but God is healing that condition for you…” 

Then Annette knew the word was for her.
“I felt the warmth on my back and neck and shoulder and my hip and I knew the lord was healing me,” she says. “And I fell asleep and I slept all night, refreshed in the morning, and I got up and I thought, The pain’s not back. That’s wonderful.

Annette has always believed in a God who could heal, and now that it’s happened to her, she’s even more convinced. “It has never come back, and it never will. It’s just so exciting. It was so personal to know that he was there, and that he cares, and that he answered me. He answered my prayer.”

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