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God Heals a Broken Heart

By Annikka Young
The 700 Club

CBN.comThis is lap seven for Chris Helm. On an average morning she does 70 before many finish their first cup of coffee.

“I usually get up pretty early in the morning, spend a little time with my husband, and then we will go spend an hour either taking a 5-mile walk, doing the elliptical, or swimming 70 to 100 laps. I try to get at least an hour of cardio six days a week.”

Chris has always taken pride in staying in shape. But there was a time the exercise could have killed her. She remembers the first time there was a sign of trouble.   

“My husband and I were out taking a walk. It was a fall night. And I rounded a corner and I doubled over with horrible chest pain. And we both just looked at each other and said, ‘What was that?’ And it died down and just continued with the walk.”

Chris was reluctant to see a doctor. She lived with the pain, which at this point was infrequent.

“It was something that would happen maybe first thing in the morning or taking a breath of cold air, and then the rest of the 23 hours were fine.”

But over the course of 10 years the problem grew worse, and could no longer be ignored.

“It was happening more often, it was becoming stronger, the intensity was stronger. And it was more life interrupting.”

Finally Chris went to the doctor, and was diagnosed with Vasospastic Angina disorder, a condition where the blood vessels tighten around the heart.

“I came home and read about it and was shocked to find out that one of these episodes could actually cause a massive heart attack and could kill me.”

Chris was told she’d just have to live with it. And that’s what she did for the next two years.

“He told me to keep up my exercise. He said to start with 10 minutes of very easy exercise, to go very slowly and to basically go home and live your life. ‘I can give you some medication for the pain, which I rejected but he said there’s nothing I can do for you. Just go home and live your life.’”

One morning after a work out, Chris was watching The 700 Club, something she’s done faithfully for the past 30 years.

“And I usually always stop and pray when Pat’s praying for people or Terry’s praying for people. And Pat stopped and he said, ‘the Lord’s healing all kinds of heart conditions.’ And I thought, it just –instinctively the Holy Spirit spoke to me. And I raised my hand and put my other hand over my heart and said, ‘Lord, I’ll take that, I’m accepting that, I’m claiming that one for me.’ And went about my business. Months went by. No pain. Gone. Completely healed.”

It’s been a year now and Chris tells her doctor she’s still symptom free. She’s also back to doing the things she enjoys, workouts on the elliptical, laps in the pool and morning walks with her husband Dave.

“I’m living my life. But I’m living it a lot better without pain. And knowing that the Lord had healed me and it’s just another testimony to Him.”

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