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A Prayer Cures Hair Loss

By Brandice Hudson
The 700 Club

CBN.comDarlene Sparks tells her story about how God healed her hair loss. 

“They were long strands and I’d find them inside the vacuum cleaner rollers, and on the couch, and on my clothes and on my pillow.  Long strands.  Lots of them.  So I knew something was desperately wrong.  So much of my hair was coming out.  Am I using the wrong product?  Am I not eating enough vitamins?  I had no answers. I just gave it up and said, God fix my hair,” said Darlene.  

“The world would call it vain.  Hair is a very minor problem compared to what we have in today’s world.  It was very important to me.  I’m still raising a young boy.  (He’s) 12 years old.  I adopted him when he was 3 and I’m going to be 70.  I’m a lot older than all his friend’s parents and I thought Gee, this poor kid. I don’t want him to have a mother with no hair too. I want him to be proud of his mother.”

“We watch The 700 Club everyday.  It’s always been a blessing to us.  I was washing the dishes and Terry came on during the prayer time. She said someone is losing their hair.”  Terry Meeuwsen prayed, “It’s not what’s commonly called alopecia.  I don’t know what it is but…”

“Then Terry said ‘…But your hair is falling out.  I went, Oh! (gasps)”, said Darlene.
Terry continued to pray, “God’s healing that condition for you.” 

“I said, That’s me!  That’s me!  I started jumping up and down. I ran into the living room.  She started to say something else.  Then she said ‘Oh you know who you are.’  I said, Yes I do.  I know that’s me!

“You know who you are.  And all of the symptoms are going to begin to go away and you’ll be back to normal,” said Terry. 

Sure enough, my hair stopped falling out from that time on.  It appears thicker.  It appears better.  I don’t have to struggle so much with my hair.  I don’t have to worry about it splitting or seeing my scalp.  I just curl it, brush it, and go!”

“No matter what the problem is.  Whether it’s serious or it’s minor.  You can trust God.  He’s going to come through.  Always.  He said anything you ask in My name I will do it.  He said call on me in times of trouble.  A lot of people are listening to this thinking I wish that’s the only problem I had, a hair problem.  He knows.  He knows all about it.”

“It’s absolutely amazing that He cares about the things that we care about.  It’s an insignificant thing.  It’s not cancer. It’s not devastating financial problems.  It’s not a child that’s in a hospital.  It’s a tiny thing, but He loves us individually enough to know everything that concerns us.  He’s willing and wanting to make everything that concerns us perfected.  He’s a wonderful God,” said Darlene.

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