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Mysterious Throat Lesions Disappear After Prayer on TV

By Zsa Zsa Palagyi
The 700 Club

CBN.comLarrie Thomase and his wife Julie decided it was time to clean up their basement.  It was extremely dusty, and since Larrie is allergic to dust, he started to cough.  He remembers, “I picked up this asthma spray and steroid and started using them.  I failed to follow the instructions, like most men will do according to my wife, and I didn’t rinse my mouth.  And the next think I know I’ve got this awful coating all over my tongue, this awful taste in my mouth.  I had open sores in the back of my throat and up along my gums, and I said, ‘What is going on?’”

“So I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with a virus, a fungus from the steroid.  They give me this mouthwash.   I tried the mouthwash.  It doesn’t take away the pain.  It was so bad I would literally have to take my thumb and press under my jaw because the pain was so bad. It was up into my jaw when I swallowed.  I was beginning to dehydrate.  I was beginning to lose weight. They told me there was flat nothing they could do medically to get rid of it.” 

“I actually prayed to God, ‘Father take this pain away from me,’ and I figured something was going to happen because you can’t ask that you don’t receive.   And I was just sitting here watching the 700 Club one morning, and Terry gave this word of knowledge.  She said, ‘There’s someone else.  You have lesions all over your tongue and the inside of your mouth, also very painful.  God is healing that condition for you.  What has stayed and lingered is just going to gradually, slowly go away, and you’ll not have it again.’”

The first thing I said was, “That’s for me.”   And all of a sudden I realized that the pain in my throat was gone, and I was swallowing.  And I went out, and I had breakfast, and I was able to enjoy my breakfast for the first time in quite a while.  And it was just like those lesions were just like icebergs.  They just started getting smaller and smaller and smaller, and the blisters got smaller and began to dry up, and it hasn’t come back.” 

“I am so thankful right now for the love and the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that He’s still the same today, yesterday, and forever-- because we can always go to Him.  We have to depend on God’s time.  Sometimes we just have to continue to pray because God will heal us.  That’s a promise.  He didn’t say by my stripes you might be healed.  Jesus said by His stripes we are healed.  Just exercise your faith, just believe it.  Just believe that it’s for you and accept it.”

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