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Fashion Designer Gets Medical Mystery Solved by Watching TV

By Audra Smith Haney
The 700 Club

CBN.comRuth Filomeno is a budding fashion designer, but a personal health scare during her days in design school nearly derailed her career. For six months, Ruth had chronic night sweats.

"I was not sleeping at all," Ruth said, "maybe a couple of hours a night. I was just drenched in sweat. I didn't have the strength to do anything at all."

Ruth eventually visited a doctor, who diagnosed her with low estrogen. He also ran tests for ovarian failure, and told Ruth she might not be able to have children.

"In that moment I was just crying and I called my mom," Ruth said. "She said, 'Everything is okay. We are going to pray and everything will be okay.'"

"Because I have seen healing in myself and so many other people," Ruth's mom Fredes said, "I was praying, praying, praying."

Ruth was crushed by the idea of not having children. She had a hard time concentrating and almost failed design school.

"I couldn't even go into my design room. I couldn't do anything at all," Ruth said. "I was just devastated and depressed. I felt hopeless."

On June 6th, 2013 Ruth and her mother were watching Pat Robertson on the 700 Club.

"Pat on TV he said, 'somebody you are having night sweats…'

PAT ROBERTSON: "Somebody you have an infection and it is causing night sweats. God is setting you free right now."

"When he prayed about that, I knew immediately that it was just for me," Ruth said.

"So, I said, 'Ruthie…that's you know because it was amazing! I said 'Ruth, that is you!,'" Fredes said.

I was emotional," Ruth said. "I wanted to have a moment by myself, so I went into my room and thanked God that he healed me because I know he healed me. That same night, I did not have any night sweats at all. To know that He heard my prayer, I was just so happy."

A month later, Ruth returned to the doctor.

"He said that my estrogen levels were normal and that there was nothing wrong with me," Ruth said. "And he said it was kind of a miracle."

With new hope, Ruth was able to bring her grades up and graduate from fashion design school. Today, her health is better than ever and she's optimistic about her bright future.

"I think that Lord healed me because he wanted me to know that He is listening and just to bring me close to him." Ruth said, "And to let me know I am not alone, that He is always by my side."

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