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Serious Fall Leaves Woman Limping and Praying for a Miracle

By Rod Thomas
The 700 Club Yvonne Suster was going out to her car one night when she slipped on her steps. “I missed a step because it was dark, and I landed on the ground, and had realized that I busted my foot. I prayed, ‘Dear God, Jesus, please don’t let my foot be broken.’”

As a nurse, Yvonne knew it was bad. “I got myself together and stood up and when I stood my foot just flopped backward like rubber and I knew in my heart it was broke - there was no doubt about it.”

The doctor confirmed her fears. “I had lots of broken bones in my foot - all the metatarsals in there. But miraculously they were all in alignment and I would not need surgery.”

After six weeks it was still tender but she was able to go back to work. Then she got laid off. “I’d had a couple months where I then was just having lots of inactivity and it wasn’t quite warm outside yet, so I was confined to the house. It was becoming more painful. It just got so that I couldn’t bend my foot at all and I had to go one step at a time, and I walked stiff-legged.”

The pain only got worse. Yvonne asked God for relief. “I was just praying and believing God. I’ve got to have my foot to work. I have to take care of my son.  I’ve got to have a job and go to his games, and I have to function on my job to take care of other people.”

While resting one day, she turned on the 700 Club. “Terry came on and was praying and she said: ‘It has something to do with your tendons. It’s not a tendon, it’s tendons in your body and they’re shortened so they don’t stretch the way that they’re supposed to, and this puts you in a crippling condition. God is healing that for you right now. The power of the Lord is just going to begin to flow through you and those tendons are going to become normal.’

“I said, ‘Oh my God! That’s me! I claim it!’  And I threw off the computer and I jumped up and there was absolutely no pain. I jumped and I ran and I squatted and I tiptoed and went up and down steps. Everything was back to normal. It was just unbelievable.”

And now fully healed, she is back to doing what she loves – taking care of people. “I just feel so blessed that, God has restored me, recovered me, redeemed me (and) put my life back together to be able to function and continue taking care of patients and doing my job,” Yvonne said. “It was very humbling. You know God loves you. He’s always there for every need and every care. He’s never let me down.”

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