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Hoping, Praying, and Believing to be Healed

By Christine McWhorter
The 700 Club“I developed a bad cold. And I had a lot of congestion in my chest.” Joyce Cole thought her persistent cough was a symptom of an ordinary cold. But it wasn’t. “It reached the place where it seemed like I would take a deep breath and I would hear whistling.”

Joyce prayed for the symptoms to go away. But over time, the coughing, congestion, and the whistling in her chest got worse. “Well, I didn’t get good rest, and that was difficult. I was very uncomfortable. I wanted to lie down.”
As the days turned into months, there was no change in Joyce’s condition
Yet she continued to pray for healing. “I knew that by the stripes of Jesus I was healed, and that, the healing would manifest. And I kept waiting on the Lord for this.”
Then, two years after her symptoms began; Joyce was watching the 700 Club. Terry Meeuwsen began to pray for viewers.

“Terry said that there was a woman, and she named me, [saying,] ‘There’s a woman named Joyce and you’re watching all of this, and you have had a chronic condition for a long, long time,’ and that the Lord was healing it. I had this knowing; I knew it was me. I jumped up and I was able to breathe-clearly. It was the deepest breath I ever took. I was so overjoyed.”

She says her symptoms returned once, but Joyce didn’t doubt God’s healing.
“The symptoms left. I knew the Lord was a healer. I think it would be impossible to keep following the Holy Spirit without coming to know Him like that.”

Joyce says the symptoms have not returned. She knows God loves her and healed her that day.

“He was so gracious to me. He was right there always, ready to do this. It was so clear to me that He wanted to heal me.”

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