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Facing the World Again After a Miraculous Healing

By Julie Blim
The 700 Club

CBN.comAs a mother of five, Shawna Sarantis doesn’t have time to be sick.
In 2012, she started having symptoms that would interrupt her busy life. “I actually started breaking out on the back of my neck. And even before that, my hair started falling out. I didn’t know what it was.”

After several months, she saw a dermatologist. “They diagnosed it as ‘folliculitis’ and they gave me medication. So it was a dermatological reaction from something that was going on inside of my body.”

But none of the medications worked. “And then it went up to my head. It moved to my face, it became unbearable. I didn’t deal with it real well, because it’s like having ants crawling all over your body constantly; like fire ants.”

“So I was irritable. I was tired because I wasn’t sleeping. I stopped my whole life pretty much. I was in the house and I didn’t really go to church. I wasn’t going anywhere. (I was) super, super depressed. I was praying intently every single day, begging God; because I couldn’t take it anymore. I mean, a woman’s hair is kind of like a frame to a picture. It was heartbreaking.”
Shawna had been suffering with rashes and thinning hair for nearly two years when she turned on The 700 Club. “And then I heard her say the words, ‘somebody has a rash on your head; and nobody knows what this is, but God does.”

Terry Meeuwsen: “There’s someone else. You have a problem. This is very strange, with your scalp. You get some kind of a reaction where you get these sores all over your head, and they’re oozing and they’re just… it’s just a mess. God is healing that for you right now. I don’t know what’s causing it, but He does and He’s creatively giving you back totally healthy skin.”

“And I just looked up and I rewound it. And I rewound it. Twelve times I rewound it.  And then I played it throughout the day, because I just fell into tears. I felt like, you know, God finally heard me.”

Over the next two weeks, the itching and burning subsided and gradually her hair started growing back. Months later, she even found the source of the problem. “I ended up going to an endocrinologist – and that did it. We at least figured out that the inflammation was coming from the thyroid.”
Shawna manages it with diet, and her life and health are now back to normal. She says she learned a lot from her journey. “The way I look at it is that everywhere I’ve been in my life that’s been hard—especially this part; there’s a reason. And it’s usually, for me, it’s been needing to draw near and to rely on Him more. And believe… not just say you believe. Believe because God knows your heart.”

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