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A Miracle Was the Only Remedy That Worked

By Michelle Wilson
The 700 Club“All of a sudden there was a drainage, a sinus drainage from my head and it trickled on down to my neck.”

At first, Marilyn Scott and her husband Nathan thought she had developed an allergy.

“I began to cough because it just seems like it just would get stuck just like in that one little place.  And I would be like, ‘What is going on?’”

Nathan says, “Most of her complaining was about gagging.  The sinus drainage is very thick and it can affect your breathing.”

They could never pinpoint the problem and after a few weeks planned on seeing a specialist. But then she developed another problem. One day Marilyn reached for the Bible and realized she twisted her neck the wrong way.    

“My body probably went one way and my neck another way. As soon as I did it I felt something pop and all of a sudden my neck got this really excruciating pain.”

Nathan recalls, “Then I saw the look in her eyes and I knew something wasn't right.”

“My neck was sore. I couldn't move the way I normally do. I had to turn very slowly because it was painful. Then not knowing exactly if I had done any serious damage.”

In the weeks that followed, Marilyn’s sinus problems and neck pain kept both of them up. They tried a heating pad and other remedies but nothing helped. That’s when Marilyn asked God to heal her.

Marilyn recalls, “I began to say, ‘God, I don't know what this is that has all of a sudden afflicted my body,’ I said, ‘but whatever it is God, I just pray that you would touch and heal it; take it away.’”

Two days later, Marilyn was at home watching The 700 Club.  Hosts Terry and Pat were praying.

Marilyn remembers, “That particular day I heard Terry say…”

Terry Meeuwsen: Someone else you have polyps up in your sinus cavities causing such problems for you. God is healing that condition for you.

“And I said, ‘Oh, my goodness, that's me!’”

But they weren’t done.

Pat Robertson: And someone, you must have pulled a muscle in your neck…

“Pat says, ‘Your neck muscles. You must have stretched your neck. I don’t think it was a whiplash but something stretched. Reach out and touch your neck and God has just finished healing you.’”

“I believed God and I believed the word and God healed me instantly.  I didn't feel any warmth, I didn't feel any tingling; I just knew I was healed!”

As soon as Nathan got home from work Marilyn shared the great news.

Nathan shares, “She said, ‘God healed me.’  And I'm going like, ‘Healed you?’  She says, ‘Yeah, my neck is fine and I don't have sinus drainage anymore.’ And she was happy and I was happy for her.’”
Marilyn says she hasn’t had any symptoms since. She and Nathan encourage everyone to continue to trust God for their healing.
Nathan says, “He's the God that if He starts a good work in you, He's going to finish it.  And you can expect that healing."

Marilyn concludes, “I just encourage you to just keep asking the Father in the name of Jesus. You don’t need a lot of faith; all you need is a little. And just believe God and He will heal you.”

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