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Hearing the Sweet, Sweet Sound of a Miracle

By Michelle Wison
The 700 Club “I had to keep asking people, ‘huh?’” says Pamela.  “They would talk and I couldn’t hear them. It’d be very, very soft.”

Before she started having hearing loss, Pamela Edwards had been dealing with ear pain for years.  She remembers when it started.

“It was just an ache, just a real slow ache in my left ear. I went to a physician and he was like ‘Oh, it’s just kind of plugged up. We’re just going to clean your ear out,’” Pamela recalls.  “It seemed like nothing happened.  He just cleaned it and I was like okay, I got my ears cleaned.  That was about it.  And I didn’t think anything of it.  Nothing happened. I just got my ears cleaned.”
The pain would come and go with the seasons.

“After the weather would change, like summer, everything was fine,” says Pamela. “So it progressively got worse and worse over the period of time.”

Eventually she started having problems understanding people.

“If they were on my left side of me, I couldn’t really hear. I’d have to look at them, sit up and look at them in the face,” Pamela said.  “And I’d start—that’s when I started reading their lips.”

Then in June 2015, she turned on The 700 Club.

So I stopped what I was doing and turned it up. And Terry, she had a Word of Knowledge,” Pamela recalls.

“You’ve been experiencing deafness in one of your ears especially, but just a loss of hearing that is gradually getting worse. God is healing that condition for you,” says Terry Meeuwsen, co-host of The 700 Club.  “Your ears are going to suddenly open and you’re going to have clear hearing again.”

“And I said ‘I take that as mine and I receive it in the name of Jesus,’” says Pamela.
“And then my ears started popping. I think that was the next thing. I kept hearing pops like popcorn but not that frequently, but just a pop. And it just popped.”

Her hearing improved every day.  She realized her hearing had been restored.  Since then Pamela has had no more earaches, and she can hear everything just fine.

“Being able to hear today, I love hearing loud noises, or just kids just being kids. I love it,” says Pamela.  “Don’t give up praying and believing God, because God’s word is true.
Regardless if you don’t see anything, you confess the Word of God and it will happen.”

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