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God Answers Prayer at the Perfect Moment

By Julie Blim
The 700 Club Maria and Melvin hoped for months to have a child. Even though Maria had a son before she they met, she couldn’t conceive this time. They trusted it was in God’s time.  

“If this is not the month, wait for the next month. Ask Him again, His will and His time, to please give me another baby,” says Maria.

When months turned into years, they got discouraged. 

Maria remembers, “I was like, ‘When is it going to be my time and when is going to be my time?’ But my husband helped me a lot when – to pray together – and he said ‘When there’s two together in my name, I’m there.’  I really believe He was listening to us and in His time.”  

Eventually, Maria consulted a doctor.

“He said that I had endometriosis and that I was having problems – cysts on my ovaries,” says Maria.  “He said it was going to be very difficult for me to have another child.  I don’t have anger, I just know that He’s able to do it.  I just know that He’s there; He was listening. He has no limits. That’s why I feel this way because I saw His hand before in my life. I just know that He has plans for me.”

Maria watched The 700 Club regularly for encouragement.  One morning, as Gordon and Terry started praying, she decided to join them.   

“So I came and I got on my knees…and said ‘God, please, please.’  And I just closed my eyes and listened to them, like listened.  Terry gave me that word of knowledge!”

Terry Meeuwsen: “Your name is Maria.”  

Maria:  “Ah – Maria!” 

Terry:  “You are of Hispanic descent.”

Maria:  “’You’re Hispanic.’  (Maria squeals)  I’m Hispanic!”

Terry:  “You have felt like you have prayed for something for the longest time and that God has just chosen not to answer your prayer.  Today is your day, Maria.  God hasn’t chosen not to answer you – He’s been waiting for this moment, and He will be glorified.  What you’ve asked for, receive now in Jesus’ name.”

“I just felt like, ‘Yes!’ I can’t explain it with words. I just feel so happy and I recorded it so I can show my family. And the next month I went to get a pregnancy test. I was just waiting in the bathroom, waiting, waiting.  When I see the little “plus” -  ahh!  It was like, ‘Yes Lord! Thank you, thank you!’”

Sarah was born September 8, 2012, and just turned three.

“We’re so thankful that we have Sarah.  And I just want her to be for Him, for the glory, for God.  If you asked in the past for a miracle, keep asking. Don’t give up. Because He—His time, He has an answer for you. That’s what I want to say. Just keep asking and believe, ‘cause He’s faithful.”

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