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Ann Leffler: The Crippled Will Walk

By Raquel Dunn
The 700 Club In her words...

I have osteoarthritis and most of the knee joint was just destroyed. I had been crippled up for I guess, about three years.

It’s a pain like you just can’t imagine. Arthritis is a terrible disease. I couldn’t do anything. I could barely walk around the house, hardly. I couldn’t do any of my housework. I walked with a cane, for about a year and half.

I was watching The 700 Club one day and Gordon was on, and he was praying for people and said, "God wants to heal you. So right now I’m going to ask you to do something. I’m going to ask you to place a hand on the area of your body that needs healing. Someone with a problem with your left leg. God has just healed you."

I thought, that might be for me, so I put my hand on my left knee. It felt like a warm oil because it was just moving slowly through my knee. It was really quite a sensation.

I knew as soon as I felt that, I knew it. I got up and walked, and I went in and showed my husband, Jim and I said, "Look, I just got healed."

I know it can happen. I run around everywhere getting stuff and everything. I really got healed, I’m sure of that. I’ve had no pain in that knee since, and I walk on it just like everyday. It’s just like nothing was ever wrong with it, and that was three years ago.That is a wonderful miracle that happened to me and it was instant.

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