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The Power of a Mother's Prayers

By Tim Smith
The 700 Club Lumberjack. Woodcutter. Feller. This dangerous occupation goes by many names. But if you ask Dwight Fremont, he’ll tell you he’s a logger - a proud logger from Wilsall, Montana.

“I grew up in a logger family,” says Dwight. “My dad logged his whole life and that’s all we’ve ever known.  His dad logged in Wisconsin.”

Dwight has had more than his share of injuries. But what happened one summer day in 2001 nearly cost him his life. Around 9 o’clock in the morning, Dwight started his skidder and began hauling his load to the landing at the top of the hill. “I think about the third trip down the hill, and I hooked the trees up, and when I was going up the hill, that’s when the problem started.”

Halfway up the steep hill, the skidder began to roll back.

“When I put the brakes on to hold it there, the brake linkage broke.  And so the skidder began to just freewheel backwards off the hill as fast as it could go. So I knew that it was going to go down there and crash into those trees, going very fast. So in just a split instant I decided to just bail off. But when I jumped off the machine was already bouncing and crashing down the hill and when I went to jump off my feet apparently slipped and I went under the front wheel.” 

The 14-ton skidder crushed Dwight, then continued its roll down the hill. “I sat up, and when I tried to sit up I could feel, internally, I could feel a lot of things moving around. And so I knew internally I was hurt real bad.”

Dwight’s dad, Dwayne, was working nearby. He ran to the top of the landing to check on his son. “I could see his skidder tip over down there and I said, ‘Lord please don’t let him be under there.’”

“He knew something bad had happen,” says Dwight. “And I said, ‘I know I need a helicopter. I knew I was all broken up inside.’”

Dwayne knew if he tried to move Dwight he could make his injuries worse. He desperately wanted to stay by his side, but if his son had any hope of surviving, he would have to leave and get help.

“I just run out of there and got in his pick up and drove out. I prayed the whole way there that somebody would be there and the ranch lady was home,” says Dwayne.

“He was praying on the way, and sure enough, there was a lady there. She dialed 911 to get some emergency people to come,” says Dwight.

Two emergency vehicles were dispatched - an ambulance from Livingston that was 50 miles away, and a helicopter from Billings, that had to travel 140 miles. Dwayne called his wife, Lois, and returned to his son.

“I believe it was about an hour before he got back. He came down and sort of shook me and said kind of loud, ‘Dwight, can you hear me? Are you alright?’”
Dwight recalls. “I put my hands up and hollered at him. ‘I’m ok Dad,’ he said.
“Best words I heard in my life,” adds Dwayne.

“And I don’t remember saying it, but he told me I said ‘Yeah, yeah, Dad. I’m all right.’”

Together they waited two more huors before the ambulance made it up the mountain. At once EMTs started prepping him for helicopter transport. Within minutes, Dwight heard the wonderful sound of a helicopter. Back at home, Dwight’s mother Lois was asking God to heal her son.

“I just needed to take it to the Lord in prayer. I just called The 700 Club and asked them if they’d pray with me. That was a real comfort to know that it was all in God’s hands,” says Lois.

Dwight was rushed to the emergency room in Billings.

ICU nurse Beth Burnette remembers it well. “Dwight came in with severe crush injuries to his chest. Ribs were broken on both sides of his chest. We call that a flail chest. The lungs don’t work properly at that time. It looks like a seesaw. And he also had bleeding, severe abdominal bleeding. Most people who have the injuries that Dwight had never make it to the hospital alive.”

“People started praying right away and they would call friends in other churches in other states and people were praying for Dwight all over the country,” adds Lois.

Dwight spent 21 days in ICU. And every day, someone stayed with him and prayed over him.

“That was a huge, a huge boost to my spirit and helped, I believe, in my healing,” says Dwight.

Twelve surgeries and seven weeks later, Dwight went home.

“Dwight is a miracle because not only did he live but he lived to fully recover and live a normal life,” says Beth.

“We just saw God’s hand working because we still have our son today because of the power of prayer,” says Lois.

Dwight says “I wouldn’t hesitate at all to say that I believe it’s just 100% a miracle.” 

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