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The Writing on the Wall

By Dan Reany
The 700 Club Like many people in Ethiopia, Yilma Gudini grew up illiterate.

“I lived in a rural area, so I had no opportunity to go to school,” Yilma says.

Instead of going to school, Yilma spent his childhood herding cattle for his family. He was always healthy, but as an adult, Yilma was stricken with a strange disease that he says was demonic.

“Evil spirits bound my legs and closed my mouth,” he says.

For years, Yilma was unable to walk or speak. But when a missionary prayed with him for eight days, he was healed.

“The demons left me, and I could walk and speak again,” he says. “It was a miracle.”

Yilma gave his life to Christ. And just a few months later, he would experience another miracle.

“God told me to fast and pray for 15 days,” Yilma says.

After 10 days, he went to sleep and had an incredible dream.

“I saw the word of God written on the wall,” he says.

But Yilma didn’t just see the word of God. He could read it.

“I read the words for many hours,” he says. “And when I woke up, I got a Bible and I could read it as well.”

Yilma didn’t know if he was really reading or not, so he took the Bible to a friend who could read, and asked him if the words on the page matched what he thought they said. That friend confirmed that Yilma could read. Even though he was an adult, Yilma decided to go to school, but that proved to be a little more difficult than he thought it would be.

“But when I went to school I could not read anymore,” Yilma says. “I lost the ability God had given me. I was very confused. But when I stopped going to school, I could read again.”

Since God did this for me, I have read from Genesis to Revelation. And now I teach the Bible in my church.”

So why does Yilma think God healed him and gave him the ability to read? The answer is simple.

Yilma says, “I know God did this for me because he loves me.”

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