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Miracle Healing from the One True God

By Annika Young
The 700 Club -Stephen Christo never wavered in his devotion to the array of Hindu gods and goddesses. And he wanted nothing to do with other religions, especially Christianity.

“Because they were the only ones keep talking about their god. I said to people, hey, you got one.  I got millions. I don't need your one."

When Stephen turned 19 he left his home on the island of Trinidad, bound for the US.  Naturally, his parents were worried but they also had good reason. Earlier in his teenage years, he developed a recurring illness that had been triggered by the common cold. At times, it was debilitating.

“I remember then my parents would take me to the doctor and they would literally have to hold both side my arm just to get me to walk to get to the doctor.”

Stephen’s doctors had no answers, and neither did his gods. So he learned to live with it.

“But the good thing is I had my mom with me, so she would take care of me. But when I came to America, I had no one.  And that's where it really-my life started to change.”

Like clockwork the illness returned. Now Stephen had to face his pain alone.  

“I started crying out to every single idol god I could remember by name. And as I was calling them out, I was begging them to heal me. I heard a voice says, ‘Call on the name of Jesus.’ I needed as much help as I can get. I figured, ‘Hey, you know what, maybe this Jesus guy might be able to help me. I’m gonna call on Jesus.’ And for some reason I started to cry only because I believed while praying, He was the only one that could actually help me.”

Stephen drifted off to sleep and into an incredible dream.

“There was a lot of trees. Straight ahead of me there was this road. So I looked and I saw the road and just started look, follow down to the left. I saw this guy standing there. I recognized who He was. It was Jesus Christ standing right there looking at me. He put out his right hand said, He looked at me, He said, ‘Come to me, my child, and I will take care of you.’" 

When he woke up, the pain was gone. There was no trace of the agony he experienced the night before.

“I started walking, walking around my apartment.  I had all this energy.  I don't know where this energy came from. And then it started to come together, like wait a second. ‘I believe I just experienced my first miracle healing.’ Then I realized ‘You know what? I think I might be serving the wrong god.’”

Stephen was now open to hearing more about Jesus. But he was still unwilling to abandon his Hindu faith. Then, his girlfriend Jemma from Trinidad joined him in the States. She had become a believer in Christ.

“She had a joy in her that I couldn't understand and she only had one god.  I had all these gods and I didn't have that kind of joy. It was just something radiating from her that I wanted.”

For the first time in his life, Stephen stepped inside a church.

“At the end of that message one of the pastors came by and he sat with me and he started to talk to me about the Lord.  And he asked me, ‘Would you like to give your life to Jesus Christ?’  And I started to just look back at all my experiences of where I've been in Hindu religion and worshipping idols and bowing to these spirits and speaking to these spirits and offering sacrifice. And I realize my life was really in darkness. I said, ‘Yes.’ And right there I said the sinner's prayer and I gave my life to Jesus Christ.”

Stephen and Jemma eventually married. They began praying and studying the Bible together.
“And every single day, as a rule, I make sure and get into His word and I fall in love with reading God's word.”

In his lifetime, Stephen cried out to millions of Hindu gods. But now he’s grateful to Jesus for being the one true savior who came to his rescue and showed him love.

“There is no other love on the face of this planet that can bring a joy into your heart like the love of Jesus. I don't know how else to explain it except falling in love with my Lord every day is the greatest feeling I have.  It really is.”
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