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The Whosoever Movement Rocks Pop Culture

By Annika Young
The 700 Club -Ryan Ries, co-founder of The Whosoever Movement:

Welcome to the…(laughs) Ummmm…what was I saying again? Oh! Welcome to the Whosoevers Movement. I can’t do it now! Welcome to the Whosoevers Movement. We’re coming for you! (laughs)

It’s just a movement of people coming together around the world to just reflect Christ and culture, people that are cynical about religion, the people that don't want anything to do with Christianity; Christ has been misrepresented to them.

If you just listen to what Jesus really preached, love your neighbor as yourself, it's all about love.  Like Paul says, you know, ‘If you do it all without love, it's clanging symbols.’ Through love, then natural conversations will happen. Then Jesus will come up, and you just love people into the kingdom.

I was there at a crossroads in my life.  I said, ‘Am I going to go back to the skate industry and go live for myself and make money and be 'Thy will be done?' Or am I going to go 'His will be done?'  My will or His will?’ The lifestyle I got involved with, hooked on alcohol and drugs for many years, very involved with like, pornography and sex and stuff like that. So by the time I came back to church, you know, after living  this life for 19 years, being very disconnected from Christians and Christianity and God, you definitely feel like a black sheep when you walk into church.

And I just laid it all down at the cross in the Garden of Gethsemane and said, ‘God, if you can have someone contact me that's not in my inner circle, I'll follow you and I'll go tell my story.’ The Holy Spirit answered my prayer the next day.

I was out in Israel with Sonny Sandoval, the lead singer from P.O.D. and he told me this idea of this movement he had called The Whosoevers, the anybodies around the world coming together to reach the culture.
Since 2009 we've been doing music festivals, music, skateboarding, art, hotrods, choppers.

We have this movie coming out, it's called The Whosoevers 365 and it's a rockumentary basically on the inception of The Whosoever Movement. Sonny stepped down from P.O.D., he’s talking about his life’s struggles. I just left Circa Footwear, and now I’m traveling around the United States and the world telling my story, literally moved by the Holy Spirit.

This movement is for the youth around the world.  We speak purpose into the lives of people that need Christ. In reality, Jesus loves homosexuals, Jesus loves the prostitutes, Jesus loves sinners.  That’s why God sent Him into the world.  And by Him loving them and them accepting Him then God transforms their heart, transforms their mind, and does the work supernaturally in the natural.

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