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Waking Up to A Miracle

By Brandice Hudson
The 700 Club -“I was saying, ‘I’m burning. I’m burning. I’m burning.’” Early one morning, Millie Tyler woke up in excruciating pain.  “It felt like someone had doused my feet with gasoline and set them on fire.”

“My husband was awakened by my screams,” said Millie Tyler. 

“When I looked at her feet it was just very surprising how it could go from… I’ll call it ‘normal’ looking feet one night and then the next morning tremendously red and it looked like fire,” said Lanny Tyler, Millie’s husband. 

Doctors told Millie she had a rare and incurable disease.  “Erythromelalgia is a disorder of the blood vessels, where you have little sodium chains inside of you that the blood can go in and can’t go out,” said Millie.  “There’s no cure for Erythromelalgia, but I knew that nothing was too big for my God.  He can heal anything,” she said. 

While she was sitting in church one day, Millie says a passage in the Bible strengthened her faith.  “My eyes fell right on this verse: ‘I have called you by name you are Mine.’  It is in Isaiah 43. I continued to read: ‘When you walk through the fire you will not be scorched, nor will the flame burn you.  For I am the Lord your God,’” she read. 

“And I knew that that promise was for me.” 

A year later she was still in pain, and it had gotten worse.  About that time she called CBN to make a donation.  Afterwards, the prayer counselor asked Millie if she could pray for her.  And I said, ‘Well yes.  I’ve been having a difficult time sleeping at night because of the pain from Erythromelalgia.’  We prayed, and that night I went to sleep and I slept the whole night through,” said Millie. 
“In the morning when I woke up my feet didn’t hurt. And I got out of bed and I started to walk and my ankles didn’t hurt, and I knew that something miraculous had happened to me. It’s like the nightmare of Erythromelalgia never happened to me in the first place. I have absolutely no symptoms,” she said. 

“It is just a phenomenal thing that it happened and God’s the only one that could heal it,” said Lanny. 

“God is always faithful to His promises if we hang on and we don’t give up. You can hold the Bible up to Him and say, ‘You said this and the Bible says you’re not a liar and you said this so I know that You’re going to come through, because you’re faithful,’” said Millie.

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