The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


The Tumors Are Gone!

By Laurie Victa
The 700 Club

CBN.comBack on November 29 of last year, I had gone to my doctor because I was in pain so badly I called in and she told me to come in.

I couldn’t even do my job as far as working with the residents if they needed me to transfer them from one chair to another or from the bed to the chair. It was very painful.

She examined me and she told me that I had three fibroid tumors, two on the left and one on the right. She set me up for an appointment at Johns Hopkins.

I always encourage my patients to watch The 700 Club because it's uplifting – for them and for me, too. She [Thelma] was one of my residents that morning, so I turned on The 700 Club, and I sat on the foot of her bed, and we were sitting there watching.

Deborah Duckett with Thelma They were praying: "There’s someone else. I don’t know if it’s the same person, but you’ve got fibrous tumors in your body. God is healing you of that right now in Jesus’ name. There’s one particularly on the right side. God is just healing that, shrinking and dissolving it. It is going away now in the name of Jesus."

And I said, "Thelma, I’m supposed to go to Johns Hopkins next week for this test."

She said, "Deborah, I felt that. When you go down there, they are going to find nothing wrong."

I said, "Thelma, I felt that, too!" I felt the presence of the healing through my body. I felt the peace. Right after that I had no more pain.

So I went down there for the tests.

As I was lying up there watching the small monitor and they had the big monitor and I’m just trying to look to see if I can see anything, he told his assistant to bring two doctors in.

They stood there looking at the monitors saying, "Well, where at?"

I had asked him, "Is there anything wrong?"

And he said, "No, there’s nothing wrong."

After the doctors stepped out of the room, he told me, "Who in the world told you that you had fibroid tumors?"

I said, "I know I had them. My doctor told me down at Mercy, and that’s why she sent me here."

"Well, we don’t see a thing. There’s nothing wrong with you."

When I came back to work, the first thing when I got here I had to go see Thelma.

I said, "Thelma, they didn’t find a thing!"

And she said, "I told you. We were sitting right there."

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