The 700 Club with Pat Robertson



By Susan Mann and Ken Hulme
The 700 Club"One morning I went to have my grapefruit, and my jaw just dropped," Merle Ingram recalls.

"The pain was very bad. It was like a toothache, an earache, an eye ache, and a headache combined together -- that’s how bad it was. I was just taking painkillers all the time, and as soon as they wore off, the pain came back. For 11 months I was suffering with this TMJ.

"The doctor in England was telling me it was arthritis. It was not until I went to California that this doctor drew it on a piece of paper to show me exactly what it was. That was the first time I heard about TMJ.

"This day I was watching The 700 Club, and I think it was Gordon that said there was someone with TMJ."

On the January 17, 2001, edition of The 700 Club, Gordon Robertson gave this word of knowledge: "There's someone suffering from TMJ. It's particularly in your left jaw and your ear. God is just healing that right now."

Says Merle, "I put my hand on my jaw and I accepted, but I really didn’t try to see if it had gone. I went to yawn, but before I yawned, before I held my jaw, the yawn came and no pain. I went to open my mouth and no pain, so I started to chew, which I couldn’t do, and no pain. I just started praising God. I said, 'The pain is gone!' God healed me instantly that day. I don’t know why He chose that day after suffering from that for over 11 months."

But Merle then had trouble with pain in her left shoulder. And less than a month after Merle received the first word of knowledge, something amazing happened: Gordon Robertson had a second word of knowledge about a shoulder problem.

Said Gordon on the show February 2001, "There's like a throbbing that goes from the outside top of the shoulder down to the elbow. God's healing that condition right now in Jesus' name. Just receive that."

Merle claimed the word, shouting, "That’s me again!" She explains, "Pain instantly went in less than three minutes. The pain was gone, and I went out and mowed my whole lawn. The pain never came back.

Merle concludes, "He is almighty, all powerful, all gracious, all loving. He’s just wonderful, just wonderful. I tell people to put their faith in God because God can do anything. There’s nothing that God cannot do. It's unlimited."

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