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Zak and Christy Montoya: Maximize Your Marriage Through Prayer

By Stacey Michalak
The 700 Club

CBN.comZak and Christy Montoya have a love for music, the outdoors, and each other. 

Zak says about this wife, “She’s a pretty giving person and you can tell through her actions, that she cares a lot about people more than just herself.”

In the beginning of their marriage, Christy was a new Christian.

“I had so much I was learning about everything. Prayer was difficult for me for sure... even how to do it all by myself, and I was scared to death to think about praying together,” she says.

When two friends persuaded Christy to pray with her husband for at least five minutes a day, she was moved out of her comfort zone.

“I knew I had to say my prayers out loud in front of this person who was so important to me," she remembers.  

“Even though we hadn’t prayed together, I thought that was probably a good idea because it’s not something that you really think about right off the bat. We kind of just jumped into it. I think we just started praying at meals first," says Zak.

“He talked about things that were really important to me, first.  He said it in such a caring way, I guess. He is such a quiet person,” says Christy.

Praying with Christy could not have come at a better time for Zak. 

“We definitely prayed a lot about where I’d be working in the future. So I kind of just left it up to God, and we prayed that His will would prevail, and He would make the decision for us—which ended up happening.” 

“The prayer challenge was good for our relationship. It definitely opened up new lines of communication. Prayer definitely helps in that aspect because you get to say what’s on your mind and what’s on your heart," says Zak.

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