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Healed Beyond His Scars

By Michelle Wilson
The 700 Club -Demetrius Guyton was too young to remember the attack that scarred him for life.

Demetrius shares, “I’ve had a lot of skin grafts, a lot of surgeries as well. I don’t have any nasal passages, so I’ve never been able to smell a day in my life.”

He was just two months old when his mother tried to kill him by lacing his bottle with hydrochloric acid. She did it to cash in on a $25,000 life insurance policy. Every time Demetrius looked in the mirror he was reminded of what his mother did.

Demetrius says, “I hated my mother. I resented her very bad. And it was horrible.”

She was sentenced to 15 years for first degree assault. Demetrius was in and out of foster care until he went to live with his grandmother when he was five. His childhood was marked by ridicule, abuse and rejection.

Demetrius recalls, “It was very terrible for me growing up because I had to deal with a lot of bullying, a lot of low self esteem, a lot of everything that comes with it, being ostracized and alienated.”

Some told him even God didn’t care.

Demetrius remembers, “You’re just a freak of nature, you’re nothing. God cursed you, He hates you.”

By his teens, he was using drugs and had joined a gang. He took out his anger on anyone he encountered on the streets.

Demetrius says, “When I would go out into society, people began to stare at me and I’d just go up to them randomly and fight. It was like a gratification that I would feel that I was able to release all of the pain that was down inside of me.”

Demetrius was in and out of juvenile detention on various assault and battery charges. As a high school drop out, he never learned to read or write. Then in 2004, Demetrius caught his girlfriend cheating with another man.

Demetrius recalls, “Being rejected like that, and betrayed, it took me just to a horrible, horrible place of anger.”

Demetrius attacked the man and was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Now 18, he was tried as an adult and given a life sentence.

Demetrius says, “When I first entered into prison, fear beyond measures. And then I know that all the attention was going to be on me because of my face. Either I have to fight, you know, every day with a bunch of men. Or just accept the fact that this is my life.”

A Christian inmate befriended Demetrius and started telling him about Jesus and using the bible taught him how to read and write.

Demetrius remembers, “Well my experience when I embarked on reading the Word of God, it came out of being desperate and out of being hungry for Him.”

Then one night, while praying Demetrius says he heard God speak to him.

Demetrius shares, “I had never heard this voice before in my life. But it came to me and it told me that ‘I love you.’ That ‘I love you and I want to use you.’”

Demetrius began telling other inmates about his encounter with God.

Demetrius says, “I began to share of transparently of how angry I used to be. And how I used to hate Jesus and how He wasn’t real and how even though I’m in this jungle, He appeared to me and He’s real.”

Then one day a woman evangelist shared her testimony of how she was cell mates with a woman who tried to kill her son.

Demetrius recalls, “She was sharing about this lady that poisoned her son and she came to a place where she finally forgave herself and she used that as a testimony of truth to tie in to empower us to forgive ourselves.”

After the meeting Demetrius talked to the evangelist and shared that the lady was his mother. She told him Jesus had a purpose for his life. Demetrius finally surrendered everything to God.

Demetrius remembers, “I fell on my knees. And I began to cry out. Tears began to leap out of my eyes. ‘First of all, God thank You for manifesting Yourself to me and showing me that You are real. Second of all, thank You for dying for me, you know. For dying for me and shedding Your blood for me. Third of all, forgive me for all of my sins and help me to live for You.’ And I began to feel a peace over me that was like none other. Joy once I got up. And I promised her that I was going to live for the rest of my life serving Jesus.”

After serving five years Demetrius was granted early parole for good behavior. The first thing he did was visit his mother who was also out of prison to tell her he had forgiven her.

Demetrius says, “Immediately my heart just wept for her. Now she’s seeing her son that’s literally came from the grave of life and had been resurrected and is serving Jesus. And all I wanted to do was just tell her, ‘Look, I love you. I forgive you.’ And she fell on her knees and began to weep towards Jesus, thanking Him that I was alive. Thanking Him that I had forgiven her.”

Today, Demetrius is a full time evangelist and author. He sees people in all walks of life who need to experience the life changing power of God’s forgiveness and healing through Jesus Christ.

Demetrius says, “Jesus, He is the ultimate healer. He has the power to go underneath your skin and subjugate all of that, what you thought you would never become. He will give you life.”

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