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Called Out for a Healing

By Brandice Hudson
The 700 Club -“The headaches were dull. Every waking moment, I felt like a hammer had hit the backs of my eyes. And it was just this dull ache that left me feeling as if I was in a fog.  I was unable to get my thoughts together, unable to concentrate,” said Mary Bilbrey. 

“I look back at my journal in 2011… ‘This has been a quiet but hard day for me Lord. The pain behind my eyes and in my neck add to my stress. One side of my head is dark from vision loss.  Anxiety is ever present. I need answers and I need healing. Lord bless me with health, both mental and physical.’”

“The highlight to my every morning was turning on The 700 Club. One day Gordon was on, and he always seems to have a spot on message for someone. I thought, ‘I really need healing. But I’m not going to believe it’s for me unless he calls my name.’”

Then Gordon Robertson prayed, “There’s a woman named Mary and you’ve actually said ‘Unless they say my name...’”

“And boy that got my attention. And then I’m thinking, ‘OK, if he prays for my head I know it really is for me.’”

Gordon continued to pray “And so Mary, for you, your migraines are being taken away.  All of that is leaving. You’re going to have normal function within your brain.”

Mary said, “I was just rejoicing that Jesus knew my name and that He cared enough to meet me right there. Then I realized that my headache was gone. And I never had this problem again.”

“I’m not a doubter anymore. I believe that Jesus does miracles everyday.  I believe that there’s nothing too hard for Him, and that He walks beside us and we never have to fear.  He gives us grace for the moment, for the day, and I’ve experienced that.”

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