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No Podiatrist Needed. This Woman Has Been Healed!

By Christine McWhorter
The 700 Club -“I had a limp. I couldn’t walk down the stairs without holding on to the railing. I remember just thinking about every step. And being very careful where I stepped. My feet were constantly hurting.”

Crystal Stickle doesn’t know how the pain in her feet started back in 2001. All she knows is that it made her life much more difficult.

“It came on little by little. I felt like something was pushing on my arch. (I was in) constant pain. My left foot hurt more than the right even though they both started hurting.”

The pain only got worse.

“They would hurt just laying down. I would dread getting up in the morning. They would hurt as soon as they hit the floor. I couldn’t walk. I could not run or anything like that. They would just hurt.”
Her doctor told her she had bone spurs and there was nothing he could do. He gave her foot exercises and prescribed pain medication; but neither worked.

“I changed my life because of my feet. Finally after about 7 years they just hurt all the time.”

One day she was watching The 700 Club, and Gordon began to pray for viewers.

“I put my hands on my left foot because it hurt worse. Then I thought, ‘No, I’m going to put my hands on both feet.’”
Gordon Robertson as recorded on that show: “There is someone crying out for the soles of their feet. There’s pain in your arch. It’s really bad in the left foot. God is healing that now for you.” 

“I just knew that prayer was for me. I had tears of joy. I cried for an hour after my feet were healed. And I still sometimes get tears when I think of what they used to feel like and what they feel like now. My feet feel like new. I feel like God has given me new feet. He’s taken all the pain away. He cares about every detail of my life, right down to the soles of my feet.”

Now, she is enjoying some activities for the first time in years.

“I love walking. In fact, I walk a lot. And I can keep up with my family, my children, and I don’t have to think about constantly being in pain.”

She says throughout her journey she has learned something wonderful.

“Never give up praying. I prayed for 7 years for my feet to be healed and God heard my prayers. He still heals today. We read in our Bibles that He healed the lame and the blind and He brought people back from the dead. And He did all that and He still does it today. I’m proof of it.”

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