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Power of Prayer Brings End to Woman's Dizzy Spells

By Annika Young
The 700 Club“Mornings are coffee first and have breakfast with my husband,” says Becky. “And we sit and chat. That's one of my favorite times of the day is mornings with Bill. It is beautiful and I love it. I love being on the farm.”

Life on the farm wasn’t always an idyllic place for Becky Darrington. She’d been dealing with vertigo off and on for twenty-one years. Her symptoms started in the late nineteen eighties. Some days they were debilitating.

“Vertigo is when you get dizzy, light-headed. I couldn't even stand up to walk to go to the bathroom,” says Becky. “I had to crawl there, crawl back, and just get in bed. I could function sometimes others I would just have to try to lay down and try to sleep it off.”

After three years of sporadic dizzy spells, Becky saw a doctor.

“I went to the doctor and she gave me some medication for the dizziness,” says Becky. “It helped but it put me to sleep, totally put me under.”

She saw another doctor in 2008.

“And it got worse as the years went on and I just lived with it.”

For three more years she did live with it. Then Becky was home doing her usual chores around the house and The 700 Club was on.
“And I was at my dining room table folding towels and Terry was on and she was praying for other people that had ailments and sicknesses,” remembers Becky.

Then Pat Robertson started praying. “Somebody has problems with inner ear infection. You are dizzy; you have a hard time with balance. Right now, God is just reaching into that inner ear. He is completely healing it. You are healed. Put your hand over the ear, or both ears. In the name of Jesus, be made whole.”

“I was in the middle of folding a towel and I had that thought, ‘I could be healed from this,’” remembers Becky. “And I had a sensation from the top of my head that went all the way down my neck, my shoulders to the middle of body, but went all the way down to my feet.  And I knew immediately, that instance, the vertigo, it was gone at that point.”
It’s been three years and no signs of vertigo.
“I 100% knew God had laid his hand upon me,” says Becky. “I felt it. It was physical. It was beautiful. It's about what the Lord can do, what Jesus Christ can do in his timing. He is with us every day and loves us.”

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