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Woman with Cough Refuses to Swallow Doctor's Prognosis

By Julie Blim
The 700 Club “Well, it started back in year 2007. I started working as a correctional officer in a prison. For some reason or another, I really believe I was breathing something within the air, because that’s when the coughing really started really bad -- continually coughing, morning, noon, and night. Could not sleep. And I also developed a problem where when I tried to eat something; it (was) just real painful right through here. I just couldn’t swallow anything. I barely ate anything. I ate a lot of liquids, like soups, and jellos.”

“So I finally went to the doctor. And all they gave me was cough syrup and an antibiotic -- that was it. It seemed like every time I’d go back to the doctor it was just the same thing.  Just cough syrup and an antibiotic all the time.”

“A bit over a period of seven years it continued just nonstop. I just dealt with it as best I could. I mean, I didn’t know what else to do.”

“I never doubted God. And I never doubted my trust in Him. I’ve always believed in His healing.  I was just in a period of being tested with my faith.”

In July of 2012, I was watching The 700 Club. And Terry said, ‘there’s someone out there that has some sort of pain going on through here…’

(Terry continues) “It has something to do with the processing of your food. You’re not able to do that well. God is changing that for you. All those digestive juices are going to function again well. You are going to be able to digest your food. It’s going to be as though it never happened.”

“I always believed in God’s healing and I knew that I was just being tested with this health problem. Instantly I just felt the hand of God just touch me and from here to here, God’s hand just moved in this direction. And it just felt like a real cool menthol effect. It was just a real cool breezy feeling. Thirty minutes afterwards I ate for the first time.  At that point, six years that I’ve not been able to really eat correctly.”

“I heard a second word from Terry and that was me as well.”

(Terry speaking) “…condition. I don’t know the name of it, but it doesn’t allow you to breathe deeply and to get full oxygen and air supply. God’s healing that for you right now. Just take that deep breath in that you’ve not been able to do for a long time and exhale. And you are free from that.”

“So I had called The 700 Club to let them know I received both healings.  At that time the coughing stopped a little bit - a year after that the coughing completely stopped.”

“It was very encouraging. I mean, it built my faith up. I was just ecstatic about it. I believe in God’s healing power.  And this is not a fairy tale. This is for real. He does heal.  He healed me.  And I feel great.”

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