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Pain Vanishes Two Years After Motorcycle Accident!

By Christine McWhorter
The 700 Club

CBN.comDiana Sellers’ day began like any other. She woke up early, hopped on her motorcycle and headed to the gym. Then on the way, a cat ran in front of her and Diana hit the brakes.

“So, I slowly – I mean it was a stop and drop, meaning you drop your bike slowly. Next thing I know I’m laying on the pavement.”

Neither were hurt, but now Diana had to get her bike up.

“I thought, ‘Now I know I’ve picked it up before. It’s 600 plus pounds. I’ve picked it up before. I can do this.’ I was lifting the motorcycle up I felt in my left shoulder a burning sensation. I knew something was odd.”

She made it to the gym, but couldn’t do her normal workout. So she went to the doctor, who told Diana her left shoulder had a torn rotator cuff, and would need surgery.

“He said, ‘Well, your tendons and ligaments aren’t connected anymore. You know those stringy mops that people use? It’s just like Hercules taking it and breaking them all. All those strands are shot.’”

There was also a slight tear in the right shoulder that would only require physical therapy. After Diana went through surgery and therapy, the pain persisted.

“Before the incident I could do everything. I put stuff up in the kitchen. I’d have to lift up heavy dinner wear and cook ware. I had no problem, but after that I couldn’t. I’d have to get a stool to get to that level. Things would take a lot longer to do; I’d have to ask someone else to do it.”

The pain continued for two more years. Then, one day she was watching the 700 Club when Gordon was praying for viewers.

“I like listening to the prayers because I like to pray for people. So I’m praying for the people that Terry and Gordon were talking about. The next thing you know I hear the word rotor cuff. I’m like, ‘What?!’”

Gordon said, “There’s someone with problems in your right shoulder, a torn rotator cuff and it’s compounded with tendons that were severed in the accident. God’s able to restore. He’s able to grow tendons for you; and restore movement. And what the doctors say is impossible, is possible with God.”

“I said, ‘Please Lord if that can just be me, I’ve been praying for a couple years now, I can only lift above my head, the weights like I used to be able to.’ I ran to the weight room, we have a 45 pound barbell. And I took that thing and lifted it up over my head. And there was no pain.”

“As soon as I was able to do that I dropped to my knees and thanked Him. I said, ‘Yeah, I can do this. Yes!’”

Diana says this healing gave her a new perspective on God.

“It put me closer to Him. It’s like anything and everything; you just want to show His goodness to everybody you meet.”

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