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She Prayed for a Miracle Instead of Scheduling Surgery

By Julie Blim
The 700 Club“Teaching water aerobics and helping these older women stay healthy means something to me, and it’s a ministry.”    

Exercise has long been a priority for Marsha Stamey.

“Since I was in my thirties, I have swum laps about three times a week for about half a mile each time.”

In October, 2012, Marsha asked her son to help her move a large glass dining table.
“I said, ‘Jonathan, I can do it, I’m really strong.’ But it was just too heavy.”

She did it, but could feel the strain in her knee. 

“And thought to myself, ‘I think I just did somethin’ I shouldn’t have done.’        
About two days later I started feeling the pain. It would get better and then it would get worse and then about six months later, I think it was in April, it popped.  When I was standing or walking, I had to drag it. I was in so much pain.”

Marsha’s doctor said if the pain persisted, she would need surgery. So she asked her church to pray, and found encouragement hearing the prayers on The 700 Club.
“What Gordon does a lot of times, he says, ‘Now we’re getting ready to pray, so I want you to put your hand on that place that is hurting.’  And so that’s what I did.  And he said, ‘there’s somebody with their hand on their right knee.’” 

(GORDON ROBERTSON) “There’s someone with problems in your right knee and God is just healing that, He’s restoring cartilage, what the doctor said can’t be done is being done now in Jesus’ name.”

“And I went ‘What?!’ And the fact that he said almost the exact words that the doctor said. The next day my leg was 50% better. Within three days, I had no pain. It hasn’t bothered me in two years. I’m always amazed at the Lord … ‘cause He’s so wonderful.  And when you stand for something like that, you know, faith is what pleases Him.” 

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