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On-the-Job Injury No Match for God’s Healing Power!

By Brandice Hudson
The 700 Club“I have 30 years of nursing experience. I love helping people. It’s a passion for me,” said Evita Rowland.

“It was in June 2006, I was on a normal shift. We had a patient that was confused. A very large man, tall, heavy guy that was in a Geri chair and suddenly I caught the movement out of my eye as he was coming out of the chair, literally falling and I just immediately jumped over to him. In the position that I grabbed him in, I pulled, I kind of felt something give in my neck. In about 3 days I started feeling pain go up my head and down my arm and I went to the ER. They said I had a ruptured disk, or a blown disk.” 

“The pain that I was feeling, felt like I was being stabbed in my neck with a hot knife. It would go down my arm and then go down into my legs. I was also having ear pain, and it just progressed to where it became excruciating,” she said.

“I had the surgery in 2008 and it did relieve some of the pain then it would be there. It would come back. In April 2010 I stopped working. My neck had become so bad and I was in so much pain, that I could not safely perform my job anymore.”

“I couldn’t help others. Couldn’t help my family much. I felt like I was being a burden to my husband. I had become a financial burden because the doctor bills were there. I hadn’t worked. I just cried out to God.”

“I sat down and God just spoke to my heart to turn on the television and Pat was on. Immediately! It wasn’t two or three seconds and Pat gave that word of knowledge.”

Pat said, “A neck injury. Your cervical vertebrae have been deteriorating and right now. If you want to touch the back of your neck fine….God just healed you in the Name of Jesus.”

“And then Terry had a word of knowledge about your ears,” said Evita. 

Terry said, “Just a loss of hearing that’s gradually getting worse. God is healing that condition for you. Your ears are just going to suddenly open and you’ll have clear hearing again.”

Evita continued, “And then Pat said again, ‘You have this hump on your spine and the bones are deteriorating on this hump.’  And that’s exactly what was going on with me and I received that.”

“Bones have been deteriorating.  God is strengthening that back and you’re going to stand up straight.  God is just giving you special strength and rebuilding your spine even as I speak.  Right now, there is construction work going on, you’ll feel it, you’ll hear it…” said Pat.

Evita said, “I was hearing construction going on out my window at that very moment and had been hearing it all day. I had been thinking, ‘I’ll be so glad when this construction stops.’ And I felt the heat go through my body. I started shouting and dancing. I hadn’t done that in a long time. I knew I was healed. The hump was gone. The soreness was gone. All the pain was gone. I have not had anymore pain.” 

“It feels awesome being able to kayak again and bike and exercise, enjoy my grandbabies. Look what Jesus did!  It means so much to me that Jesus healed me. It means the world. I’m so thankful,” said Evita. 

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