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Prayer Saves Farmer from Death

By Zsa Zsa Palagyi
The 700 Club up on a farm, Grayson Wayne Kirby of Studley, Virginia has always felt at home on a tractor, but he prefers things that move a bit faster.    

His father Wayne confirms, “He’s always had to have a motor, okay?  He always had to have something operating with wheels on it, okay?  If it moves, he wants to be on it.  He wants to push it to the limit.”

The night of June 7, 2014, 30-year-old Grayson was riding with friend when they started doing donuts in an open field.  They hit a rut and flipped over, throwing Grayson out of the car.  His friend escaped with minor injuries and called Grayson’s parents, but he didn’t give them much to go on.

“He said there’s been a little accident up at the farm and Grayson’s been hurt and he’s been Med-Flighted to UVA and they want you and your wife to get here,” Grayson’s dad Wayne remembers.  “And as we were getting ready to go out into the garage to get in the car, there’s a chair that sits right by the kitchen door, and I sat down in that chair and as she was passing by me, I reached out and grabbed her.   I sat her on my knee, and I said, ‘ I don’t know what this is all about, but it’s not good.’  And I said, ‘We need to pray.  We need to turn it over to God before we hit the road.’” 

At the hospital, the Kirbys learned that Grayson had suffered major head trauma. He also had numerous broken bones and damaged organs, including two collapsed lungs.  They say doctors gave him less than a 2% chance of living.
His mother Karen recalls, “To see my son laying there so swollen, almost unrecognizable, tubes in all parts of his body,  I was in shock.  As a mother, you want to fix it.  I couldn’t fix it.  I couldn’t do anything.    My son was dying and we had nowhere to go but to our knees and just pray to God.”

Doctors put Grayson on life support.  By this time, friends and family were coming to show their concern and pray.  They also got the word out through social media.  After Grayson’s oxygen level started to improve, doctors took him off life support and put him into a medically induced coma.   Everyone was hopeful until an MRI showed that he’d had several strokes and a brain hemorrhage. 

“I’ll never forget the resident’s face.  He couldn’t even look at us.  He was looking at the floor when he was talking to us,” Karen says with tears in her eyes.  “He said, ‘If Grayson ever wakes up, it’s going to be closer to the two-month time period, and we can’t tell you what will be there.’  And I remember asking him, ‘You mean he could be a vegetable?’  Well that just devastated us.  We had gotten our hopes up to this point that he was improving, and now we learned that he may not ever wake up, and if he does, he might not have brain function.  So once again I prayed to God and I could just hear him saying, ‘Karen, I’ve got this.  Have I not proven myself to you in this amount of time?  I’ve got this and it’s going to be okay.’”

Four days passed with no sign of improvement.  Then the Wednesday after Father’s day, Wayne got the best gift a dad could hope for.  It started with a text message from his wife. “The text message said, ‘Get in here quick.  He moved,’” Wayne reports.  “And Grayson looked at me when I walked into the room.  And he couldn’t talk, but you could read his lips and he mouthed the words, ‘I Love You.’  And it was just the most overwhelming -- I could feel my knees getting weak.  I just thought I was going to have to go sit down.  And I just looked back at him and I said, ‘I love you too son.’”  

Karen adds, “After Grayson woke up, we realized that God was in control and it didn’t matter what the doctors said to us.  God is the master physician and it was going to be His will that was done in Grayson’s life.”

Within hours, Grayson mouthed the correct answers to every question hospital staff asked.  His father says, “The doctors would come in the room and they would look and they would almost say, it was almost like ‘I wasn’t expecting this.’  And we’re sitting over on the other side of the room saying, ‘We did.  We did!  That’s what we’ve been praying for!’”
Grayson was soon on his way to recovery. 

“Things just kept getting better, progressing every day,” Grayson shares.  “I went from not being able to stand to being able to stand for three seconds to walking with crutches.”

After two months of rehab, Grayson was cleared to go home.  His mother exclaims, “He’s so much back to his normal self and it just warms my heart every day.  And I thank God constantly.  Constantly.  ‘Thank you, God.  Thank you for sparing my son.’”

Today, Grayson shows no evidence of ever having a brain injury and is back to work on his family’s farm.  He still has scars and wears a brace on his left leg, but those are just reminders of God’s grace and mercy.
“It speaks in volume as to how much He loves me and how much He cares for me.”

“He hears our prayers,” Karen says.   “And if we believe in what we’re praying for and we believe in Him, He will answer us.”

Wayne concludes with a smile, “Whatever the outcome is going to be, God is in control.  I don’t know any other way to say it, He’s got it!” 

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