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Reinhard Bonnke with Daniel, the man who was raised from the dead

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Reinhard Bonnke Tells of Nigerian Man Raised from the Dead

The 700 Club

CBN.comEvangelist Reinhard Bonnke joins Pat to discuss this miraculous testimony.

PAT ROBERTSON: The Bible says that before the throne of God there will be this vast multitude from every people and tongue and nation. And we are seeing a multitude that no man can number. It is a great pleasure to welcome back to The 700 Club a dear friend, a man who is speaking to more people face-to-face, I believe, than anyone else in history. Reinhard, it is a delight to have you with us.

REINHARD BONNKE: Thank you, Pat.

ROBERTSON: I understand that in Nigeria, you haven't seen nine million in your crusades; you had nine million decisions for Jesus.

BONNKE: Yes at the last five crusades, every crusade is five days. From November of last year to March of this year, we had 9,120,000 registered decisions, people completing the decision card. We counted the decision cards: 9,120,000 in five months. Next year instead of five crusades, I want ten crusades, and so instead of having 10 million, we will have 20 million souls for Jesus.

ROBERTSON: You just have never seen such numbers. In India 1,200,000 is the vastest crowd I have ever seen assembled. It was unbelievable.

BONNKE: It is awesome. It is an ocean of humanity.

ROBERTSON: What is God saying to you about Africa? I know you have a call to Africa. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. What is He saying to you? The fire of revival is burning like never before.

BONNKE: Yes. Nigeria has its problems, nobody denies that, but there is a surge of spiritual, I would say, Christian dynamics that are awesome. We are not at all with our back to the wall, not at all. I mean, it just moves like a mighty ocean wave of freshness and strength and power. Jesus saves. We see testimonies like this man coming back to life.

ROBERTSON: I want you to tell us about him. He was in one of your meetings. He was hit by a car. I understand he was stiff and rigormortis had set in. I don't know if they had embalmed him or not.

BONNKE: They did.

ROBERTSON: He had been embalmed?

BONNKE: He was embalmed, but not the way it is done in America with the removal of organs. They injected chemicals into the body to slow down decay, since there was no refrigeration.

ROBERTSON: So what happened?

BONNKE: His wife was one with a promise from God that woman have received back the dead by resurrection. She said, 'My husband will come back, and I have heard Reinhard Bonnke is in Onitsha this Sunday I will bring him there. She brought him there. I was preaching and I knew nothing about it. Suddenly, the man started to breathe. His story is awesome and what he was shown while he was in eternity.

ROBERTSON: Tell me, what did he see?

BONNKE: An angel took him to show him Paradise. He showed him the mansions that are waiting for the saints. And he showed him hell. He saw the people in hell. He said one shouted to him, 'I was a pastor and I stole money. Help me to return the money.' He said it was so frightening to him that the angel turned to him and said, 'The prayer of the rich man in Luke 16 will now be fulfilled, and you will be sent back to earth as a last warning to this generation.'

ROBERTSON: For those who are not aware of that, in Luke 16 the rich man lifted up his eyes in torment and said, 'I have a number of brothers. Let me go back and warn them.' Father Abraham said, 'No, they have Moses and the prophets. If they won't believe them, they will not believe the one who rose from the dead. Now, he says that in this last day, he's going to be the one? He has come back?

BONNKE: He has come back. People who see this video [Raised from the Dead] are getting saved by the thousands. I hear reports from across the world. It is such a powerful tool of evangelism and we are absolutely delighted. I wish I could have produced Pastor Daniel here today.

ROBERTSON: We tried to get him through customs, but it is so tough in America to get a visa in this country. We couldn't get him in. You say he saw hell. Were there fires? Torment?

BONNKE: He said he saw no fire but he said he saw these people cannibalizing themselves. Every time they had done it, the flesh seemed to jump back to the same places and then the torment started again. He said it was so horrible. He came back and said, 'Heaven is real. Hell is real. Become serious with God. You need to be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and live a holy life.'

ROBERTSON: I want to stop right now, ladies and gentlemen, and ask, where are you in the Lord? Are you playing games with God? Where are you with God?

Reinhard, give this audience a word about how they can come to Jesus. We will talk more about these crusades, but there are people right now who need to be spared from hell.

BONNKE: It is true. I would say it this way. We have to say 'yes' to Jesus. Many have done that, but when saying 'yes' to Jesus, we must say at the same time 'no' to sin. Otherwise, that 'yes' to Jesus is invalid. We cannot walk in two directions at the same time. If we do, we fool ourselves. That would be very terrible, like that pastor that was witnessed there. Say 'yes' to Jesus from the bottom of your heart and turn around from unrighteousness. Repent of your sins and receive forgiveness by the blood of Jesus Christ Then walk the path of righteousness. Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Let's pray together right now. Pray 'Dear Lord Jesus, I say 'yes' to you and 'no' to sin. Forgive me of my sins. Wash me with your precious blood. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus. In Jesus name, amen.'

ROBERTSON: Amen. Those who prayed with Reinhard call us at 1-800-759-0700 and we will send you a free booklet called 'A New Beginning.' We want you to be established in the Lord. And whether you want literature or not just call us and say that you prayed. Hell is real. Hell is real. The Bible talks about it and Jesus talks about it. What that man was saying, Reinhard, was that it wasn't so much literal flames, but the flames of missed opportunity and the anguish of conscience. And these people are gnawing on their own flesh because they hate what they have done so much they are trying to destroy themselves but they can't?

BONNKE: All accused themselves. They didn't blame anyone else. He said that they didn't see the angel next to him. They only saw him and were calling for help. The angel turned around and said that Daniel would be connected to me and that through me this testimony would be spread across the whole world. Suddenly Daniel gasped for air in the church. He was there in the basement while I was preaching upstairs, 'In the name of Jesus!' It is awesome. I mean that story has covered Nigeria, Africa, and the world.

ROBERTSON: I am sure this man was not learned in the Bible, but the Apostle Paul says your own conscience will either excuse or accuse you in the day of Jesus Christ. So their own conscience was their accuser. They were accusing themselves?

BONNKE: Yes. Yes they do.

ROBERTSON: They weren't covering up anymore. A pastor had been stealing money. He was essentially a fraud and a hypocrite and he was in hell crying out for help?


ROBERTSON: But there is no help. Once they are there, they are there. It is permanent.

BONNKE: That is so. You know, you mentioned about the missed opportunity.

ROBERTSON: Oh, dear!

BONNKE: They keep on missing it because there is no opportunity.

ROBERTSON: What did he see in heaven?

BONNKE: He saw the saints worshiping. He said it was so wonderful he wanted to enter that place. My question to him was 'Did you see Jesus?' He said there was a white, bright light and all of those saints were worshiping and looking in that direction. He said, 'I shaded my eyes, but my eyes could not penetrate it.' Then he was taken to the mansions. He tried to describe the beauty of those mansions. He said, 'Like, like, like.'

ROBERTSON: He didn't have the words.

BONNKE: He said he was told the mansions are ready but the saints are not.

ROBERTSON: Oh, my! Did Jesus or anyone give him a warning for the church? Did he come back and say something to those who are supposed to be living for the Lord?

BONNKE: He had another fearful experience. I didn't know this Pastor Daniel at all. He said that the angel said to him, 'If God had not decided to send you back to earth, you would join the people in hell.' He was shaking.

ROBERTSON: But this guy is a pastor. What was it?

BONNKE: He was a man who didn't live right.

ROBERTSON: So he was a fraud.

BONNKE: He was not living right. He now lives right.

ROBERTSON: But if he hadn't had that experience, he would have joined those in hell?

BONNKE: That is what he was told.

ROBERTSON: Oh, my goodness! That, Reinhard, is a much tougher standard than we are used to. We are thinking here in America of easy grace and I am a good guy.

BONNKE: My own television team that made that video said they couldn't sleep for three nights and everybody brought their lives up to standard, the standard of the Word of God. It brought a lot of heart searching.

ROBERTSON: Did this man have a chance to speak his testimony to that multitude that came to hear you?

BONNKE: He was at my crusade. It was fantastic. I had him in Vienna. At the same time, while I had my meetings there, there was an esoteric convention there. When they heard that someone had come back from the dead, they love to hear the voices from the dead, and s they said, 'Can you not address us?' He went to speak to them, preached, and made an altar call and 50 witches got saved.

ROBERTSON: This is incredible. Do you have a video?

BONNKE: It is right here [Raised from the Dead]. So many pray for their loved one. This is a step further. This really is a call to salvation that is very urgent.

ROBERTSON: I am inspired having you with us.

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