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Regent University artist in residence

Graduate, The Hartt School of the University of Hartford in Connecticut

Honorary Doctorate degree in Humanities (Honoris Causa), Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico;

Elected to the Hall of Fame by the National Foundation of Popular Culture (PRPOP), San Juan Puerto Rico

2001-Ambassador of Culture Appointed by Governor of Puerto Rico

Involved in several volunteer organizations, including: Foundation for the Human Trafficking of Florida;

Faith World of Orlando;

Habitat for Humanity Foundation of Arkansas; 

YMCA of Cincinnati, OH;

Kitchen of Love, Guatemala;

Hispanic Health Initiatives of Orlando, FL

Married, Alexandra

Daughter, Anna Isabella(4)


Classical Pianist Adlan Cruz

By The 700 Club -BORN MUSICIAN
Adlan Cruz was born in Puerto Rico on November 28, 1968, and it didn’t take long to realize his incredible gift.  When he was just three years old, his mother and father gave him a red toy piano, and he started playing by ear.   Playing piano allowed him to express an amazing range of emotions, such as nostalgia, loneliness, joy and passion. He started taking lessons a couple when he was five, and was playing in recitals and stage-performances by the time he was nine.  When he was twelve years old, Adlan was playing piano professionally.  Around that same time, when he was twelve or thirteen, he says he accepted Christ as his Savior.  It was then that he knew he wanted to use the piano to play both classical music and Christian worship music.  “I wanted to honor God with my gift,” he says. 

Today, Adlan is one of the most celebrated pianists in the world.  After Adlan graduated from the “Escuela Libre de Musica” in 1986, the former governor of Puerto Rico, Luis A Ferre, recognized Adlan’s musical talent and funded his continuing education at The Hartt School of the University of Hartford in Connecticut.  In 2001, Adlan was able to sit next to his patron and play a four hand piano arrangement for a Christmas Special televised nationwide.  His desire to succeed in the arts led him to Europe where he continued to conquer different musical genres such as classical, popular and religious music.  Throughout his journey, Adlan continued to be admired not only for his excellence in music performance, but also his integrity and personality.
            Adlan released his first album in 1989, and hasn’t stopped playing.  To date, he’s released 25 albums, several DVDs, and has produced and composed music for other musicians, as well.  Adlan also produces and promotes his own concerts.   He’s had the privilege to perform before Singapore’s president S.R. Nathan who honored him for having offered a concert to benefit the Tsunami’s orphans.  UNESCO, (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) invited him to Paris where he offered a concert to benefit orphans in the Republic of the Congo.  Adlan had the privilege to perform some of his masterpieces in the prestigious Chrystal Cathedral.

If it weren’t enough that Adlan is world-renowned for his talent, he’s also well-known for giving back.   His philanthropic work is deeply rooted in the lives of Brazilian children. In Brazil the tireless traveler has strengthened the self-esteem of more than 200 children by creating a foundation that teaches them academics and of course, music.   Another display of his love for children was witnessed during his latest visit to Buffalo, New York, where he entertained the children with his music and touched the souls of some handicapped children who were thirsting for love.  He has shared his experiences with the children of Escuela Llorens Torres, a local school in Puerto Rico where with his testimony, life stories and excellence in music performance he planted the seed of God’s love for all people. Singapore, Malaysia, Norway, England, Finland,  Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Wales, France, Germany, South Africa, Curacao, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, Brazil, Bolivia, Denmark, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Israel and Palestine are among some of the many nations who have recognized and enjoyed his amazing musical talent and his human integrity. 

Recently, Adlan was granted an honorary doctorate degree in Humanities by the Inter American University of Puerto Rico for his valuable musical contribution and his philanthropic work.

Adlan is an "Artist-in-Residence" for Regent University, which he describes is akin to being a spokesman for the college. “I will be promoting the university during my concerts around the world. I have been granted the President's Scholarship to pursue an MBA and I am honored to have received such scholarship.”   

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