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Warning: This program contains graphic material and adult themes. Viewer discretion is advised.

Hookers Saved on the Strip airs on Investigation Discovery Channel on December 8, December 15 and December 22 at 10 pm

About Annie Lobert

Founder, Hookers for Jesus, since 2007

Featured on Nightline, The Tara Banks Show, Enjoying Ever Life with Joyce Meyer, etc.

Married to Oz Fox, guitarist for Christian band Stryper since June 2009


Annie Lobert: Saved on the Strip

By The 700 Club

Appeared on December 6, 2010

CBN.comAnnie Lobert grew up in a Christian home in Minnesota.  “There were lots of rules and legalism in our church,” she says Annie.  “I became rebellious.”

She was promiscuous as a teenager, drank a lot and slept with many guys.  “I was in total denial of why I was doing what I was doing,” says Annie.  “But I was just really honestly searching for love.” 

She was struggling with a low self-image and self-confidence.  In Vegas, Annie was introduced to prostitution through her good friend.  Several months later, she started dating a guy who became her pimp.  “I fell in love with him and didn’t know at the time that he was a pimp,” she says.  He was her pimp for five years.  She eventually left because he started severely abusing her mentally and physically. 

Annie was left on the streets of Las Vegas with nothing.  “When you leave a pimp, you leave with nothing.  Your spirit is stolen, your heart is stolen.  It’s gone,” she says.  Eventually she started building up money but she was still angry from all the abuse she had experienced.  She turned to drugs to escape.  One night she tried to end her life.  “I took a hit of cocaine and…I remember the blackness just hitting me,” says Annie.  “I was all by myself and all I could do was say, ‘Jesus, Jesus please please help me; I don’t want to die.  I’ll change, I promise I’ll change.'”

After recovering in the hospital, Annie started watching Christian television.  One day she got on her knees and started praising God.  “I was just in tears,” she says.  “I just couldn’t believe that God could love someone like me after what I had done.”  Several years later, she started going to church.  She realized that she was becoming whole.  “How can I get better and not reach out to my friends,” she asked herself. 

In 2005, Annie started reaching out to the girls on the strip and in the casinos who were prostitutes.  In 2006, she came up with a name, Hookers for Jesus, that brought controversy on many levels.  In 2007, she started working full-time in her ministry.  Although based in Las Vegas, her ministry reaches out to men and women in the sex industry nationwide and around the world.  Her desire is to let them know that Jesus loves them.  “These women don’t think that God loves them,” says Annie.  She invites them to church and into a relationship with God.  Annie says when you are a prostitute you have to wear a mask.  “You shove your spirit and your feelings down deep into the bottoms of your feet,” she says. 

Investigation Discovery Channel contacted Annie and asked if she would do a three-part mini reality series showing what she does on the street helping prostitutes.  Part I of Hookers Saved on the Strip airs on December 8 at 10 pm.  Part 2 airs on December 15 and Part 3 airs on December 22.

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