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Bebo Norman

2010 Dove Award, Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year - "The Only Hope"

Involved with Compassion International

B.S. in Biology from Presbyterian College

Wife, Roshare; 2 sons

Latest CD

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Bebo Norman Reflects on the God of His Everything

By The 700 Club

For Bebo Norman song writing is a cathartic process.   Throughout the seasons of his life he is continually writing.  It’s a unique opportunity to lift his head up, get out of what his “normal” life is, and look back at the previous time in his life. 

The last period of Bebo’s life produced the songs on his latest album “Ocean.” He feels this album truly captured the exact essence of the season he went through and has connected with him the most intensely.

Almost every song speaks of identity, where we draw our identity as Christians, and individually.  Bebo has a wonderful music career and is happily married with two sons.  He found himself asking who was he apart from all of these things.  Bebo says sometimes we draw our identity from good things in life that are God’s gifts, like our roles such as parents, spouses, etc.  They are good parts of our lives but if we draw our identity from them it can be dangerous.   It’s a process to finding a singular identity in Christ.  There’s a difference between knowing it and living it and it’s a subtle thing.  However, for Bebo it wasn’t subtle.

After that season was through Bebo had a sense of peace.  He found his identity doesn’t rise or fall by music, success, or being a husband and father.  However, Bebo will admit he still hasn’t figured it all out.   A year later he’s now tending to write more question songs.  Bebo is finding he has more questions about the source, like: Who is Christ? What does faith look like?  What does God look like? He also has questions about who Christ is in light of some of the harder questions – why? Why suffering? Bebo admits he is faced with some of his own doubts, but finds that in the Gospel there is the freedom to ask these questions and God is bigger.  Bebo is beginning to breathe a little bit and finds these life seasons beautiful.    

One of the songs, “God of My Everything” is a prayer and is inspired by something intensely personal – his brother’s fifteen-year struggle with prescription drug addiction.  This song is written from his brother’s perspective; where we find our hope and value; and allowing God to be the God of everything in our lives – in peace and pain. 

Bebo's brother is a Christian and a few years ago his addiction came to a head.  He had been sober for about eight years, and then slowly over a number of years he started using prescription drugs again.  This last time was intense.  He had a “rock bottom” experience which truly affected the family.  Bebo’s brother had an episode where he almost died.  Coming out of that experience, his brother felt like he wished everything ended so it would be easier for everyone.  During this time Bebo remembers talking to his brother about a time when Bebo was a backpacking guide in Colorado.  One morning before sunrise he and a group went to one of the national park’s spots called “The Window.” 

As the sun rose on “The Window” Bebo thought the view was his idea of what God looks like.  It signified redemption and that all was well.  Then he imagined God looking at Bebo from through “The Window.” Bebo imagined God was saying the same thing looking at Bebo, “This is My most beautiful, prized creation.  All is well.”

Bebo believes that is how God saw his brother at rock bottom.  Over the next year, Bebo slowly watched his brother lay things down with the Lord.  His brother has been sober for over two years and has grown in his relationship with God like never before.  He is now counseling other addicts and is looking to that as a vocation.  Bebo will be sharing this song.

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