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Bebo Norman


Singer/Songwriter, Latest CD, Lights of Distant Cities, (2013)

Married to Roshare since 2004, 2 sons

Numerous Dove Award nominations

2010 Inspirational Song of the Year for “The Only Hope”

The 700 Club

Bebo Norman Bids Music a Fond Farewell

By The 700 Club

When Bebo was writing songs for his latest CD, Lights of Distant Cities, he poured everything he had into it.  “Everything that I had left in my heart for music, I feel like I squeezed out and emptied into this latest project,” says Bebo.  He had no plans for retiring at the time but he and his wife, Roshare (pronounced ROW-share), had prayed about it for awhile.  “Music was never my intention,” says Bebo.  “Don’t get me wrong; I have loved every minute of it, but I always had a sense that it would come to an end.  I just didn’t know how temporary it might be.” 

As he looks back while playing his latest songs for fans today, he hears the lyrics that are indicative of the ground shifting, of things changing, and of trusting that God is still good in the middle of that change.  “It’s obvious in my heart that I was shifting in that direction (of retiring),” says Bebo.  “I love singing ‘Sing of Your Glory’ because it’s my story right now.”

So what’s in the future for this self-proclaimed “accidental musician?”  “I don’t have intentions to write anymore,” says Bebo.  “But I don’t know if I know how not to write.  I don’t want to write another song until it pours out of me.”  As far as the end of music and the beginning of something else, Bebo is not exactly clear on what God has in the future for him.  “It’s not that I’m called to something else,” he says.  “It’s more that I’m being called away from music.  I’m ready to be done.  I feel like I’ve said what I needed to say in music but that doesn’t mean God can’t say more.”

Bebo, 40, started playing the guitar and writing songs when he was 17 years old living in Columbus, GA and throughout college.  After graduating with a degree in Biology, Bebo planned to go to med school.  While preparing for the MCAT, Bebo decided to take a year off and pursue music.  By 1996, Bebo was playing for students at Young Life camps and playing in coffee shops around the south.  He sold 50,000 self-made copies of his independent CD, The Fabric of Verse, out of the back of his old Subaru.  Later, his first major label CD, Ten Thousand Days, debuted at number 3 on Billboard’s Top Internet Album Sales in October 1999, which landed him on the cover of CCM Magazine (Contemporary Christian Music Magazine) – a rare honor for new artists. In 2001, voted Big Blue Sky the #1 Christian album of the year.  The following year, Myself When I am Real earned seven Dove Award nominations and charted the hit single, “Great Light of the World.” Between the Dreaming the Coming True (2006) gained a near-perfect score at and called it Bebo’s best.

Bebo is honoring his commitments through 2013 and touring for this CD to be sure he finishes well.  Longtime friend and multi-instrumentalist Gabe Scott produced this album with Bebo and will be performing with him.  Gabe will accompany Bebo on the piano and Bebo will play guitar.

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