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Author, What Happens When I Die? (2013)

Other books include NY Times best-seller 23 Minutes in Hell and 23 Questions about Hell

Founder, Soul Choice Ministries; former real estate broker

Appeared on numerous television programs: Fox News, PTL, Rod Parsley, Paula White, Sid Roth, God TV, God’s Learning Channel, Daystar, The 700 Club

Married to Annette


Bill Wiese: What Happens When I Die?

In his new book Bill shares thirty-four true stories of the near-death experiences, deathbed visions, people’s last words, and visits to heaven and hell.  Bill had his own experience with this, which is the subject of his NY Times best-selling book 23 Minutes in Hell.  Bill was lying in bed at 3:00 am when he was plunged into hell – not in a dream, but in actuality – not because he had died and was being punished, but because God wanted him to experience hell and warn others.   He believes that after 23 minutes of torment, Jesus came to rescue him from hell and returned him to earth, where he landed, shaking, on his living room floor.  Although Bill had been a Christian for 28 years, he had never thought all that much about hell.  After his hell experience, he spent six years searching the scriptures to find out what the Bible says about hell.  He cites more than 150 scripture references to hell, all of which he discovered line up exactly with what he experienced.  Bill says repeatedly, “Even if you don’t believe my story, I hope you will believe the scriptures and avoid hell just the same.”

A couple of years ago, Bill was making a YouTube video on the afterlife.  Around that same time his publisher asked Bill if he would be interested in writing a book about the very same subject.  Bill was already studying more about the subject and it touched on some of the questions he covered in his follow-up book 23 Questions in Hell.  For this new book Bill wanted to share the truth about where people go after they die.  He found that most people are not well informed. 

For the non-Christian, Bill presents information about Christianity.  He also shows what other religions teach and their views on what happens after death.  Most world religions are based on philosophical thought and their founders all died.  The also talk about works in this life without any absolute reassurance of the afterlife

For the Christian, Bill gives the answers on why we believe what we do.  Christianity is unique and based on the free gift of the assurance of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.  Jesus valued rewards in heaven and as His followers, Christians should too.  It is a good reminder to have an eternal perspective and what we can do in this life for it. Bill reminds Christians of what Christ has done for us and that we serve a God of love.  We live a Godly life by fearing and obeying Him.  Winning souls back to Him is important and God’s heart.  We as Christians can participate with God in His work for His Kingdom.  Christianity is the only religion that has proof and has been scrutinized by scholars.  This comments on its authenticity (i.e. the death of Christ, empty tomb of Jesus, etc.)  No other religion predicts the future or has had prophecies fulfilled – the Bible has been proven.

In one near-death experience, a tough hard man who survived war and many years of hard living resisted hearing about the Lord until he almost died and actually felt terrorizing fear going into the unknown.  Thankfully he had a chance to accept Christ.  Another story tells of a medical doctor who was an atheist.  On his deathbed he felt that he was slipping away from his body.  He travelled into hell and asked how he could get saved.  Then this man thought of a friend who tried witnessing to him about Jesus.  He was terrified of fully slipping out of his body before gettingthe chance to ask Jesus to be his Savior.  This doctor survived the night, sent for the friend who witnessed to him, and received Jesus.

One story close to Bill’s heart is of his younger brother who rejected the Lord most of his life, though their mother prayed for him for 40 years.  He just didn’t want to live for the Lord though he talked to him about the Lord for many years – through the years of chain smoking, drinking, depression, financial hardships, etc.  He had to move in with his parents which increased stress levels for everyone.    There was no change in his lifestyle.  One day he found out he had cancer of the liver, lungs, and throat.  The family prayed for him every day and explained that God could deliver/heal him if he would change and trust Him.  He did pray to accept Jesus as his Savior – “mentally assented” Bill says, but did not accept Him as Lord over his life.  Weeks before he died his mom stayed in the hospital around the clock.  The last two days he slipped into a coma.  In the coma, he suddenly sat up, cried out and said, “Thank you, Jesus.”  Then he lay down and died.  “God, by a miracle, had him speak out of a coma in order to let our mother know that he had finally cried out to Jesus,” Bill says.  God is so merciful.  His mother never gave up on him.  And neither did Jesus.

After Bill’s vision, he and Annette traveled around the country for seven years, sharing about the vision. In 2000, they began Soul Choice Ministries and soon after, began travelling full time. According to Bill, “Each year we provide books to inmates, sow ministry trips as God directs us, and we are honored to give a significant amount of our proceeds to missions and other ministries. Our desire is to see at least one billion souls come to Christi and a healthy reverential fear of the Lord restored to the Church.”

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