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Bobby Conner: Abortion Survivor

By Christy Biswell
The 700 Club


Before Bobby Conner was ever born he had an encounter with the Lord. He says the encounter took place inside his mother’s womb. When Bobby’s mom was pregnant, his father was in a mental institution dying of a venereal disease. The doctors warned his mother that the baby she was carrying would also be affected by the same illness that his father was dying of in the hospital. So, she decided to abort the baby (Bobby) that was in her womb with a coat hanger. But, God’s hand intervened and protected Bobby. As his mom inserted the coat hanger inside her body and attempted to pull Bobby’s life out, the Lord’s hand came and pushed Bobby aside in his mother’s womb.

Although some have said that nobody can know what happened to them when they were a fetus, Bobby disagrees, “Me and John the Baptist do.”

Bobby grew up in East Texas in extreme poverty. His mom made family clothes out of feed sacks. Since the family did not have a car, they would hitch a ride to church. At the age of eight, Bobby began to feel self conscious about his impoverished conditions. In an effort to escape, Bobby began to drink alcohol, shoe polish, shaving lotion and even gasoline.

“I could be whoever I wanted to be when I was high,” Bobby said.

He would even break into hospitals and steal pills to support his addiction. In 1968, after a history of drug abuse and jail time as a young adult, Bobby decided to get a “normal life.” He married, had a child, and even lived in a house with a white picket fence. But Bobby still felt empty.

In frustration he cried out, “If this is all there is to living, I’m through with it.”

One night, after he dropped his wife and son off at church, Bobby drove away from the church with a double barrel shotgun under his seat. Parking the car, he pulled out the gun, placed the barrel in his mouth, and took the safety off. With his thumb on the trigger, Bobby began to cry and shake uncontrollably, but he just couldn’t kill himself.  Instead, he put the gun away and drove back to the church.

As he was driving he prayed, “Jesus if you could, would you change my life?”

At the church he found his wife, son, and pastor kneeling and praying for his salvation. On that same night, Bobby also heard God say to him, “I’m going to send you around the world with the gospel.” Bobby’s response, “Fat chance.” Thirty-nine years later, Bobby has traveled to over 45 foreign countries and throughout the United States sharing the gospel. He speaks an average of five times per week as he ministers with a proven prophetic anointing.


After serving the Lord as a Southern Baptist pastor for years, Bobby said he knew there had to be more.

He told the Lord, “If this is all there is to the ministry, I am through with it.”

Bobby was sick of hearing people say that the day of miracles had passed and that Jesus no longer healed and delivered people. The Lord spoke to Bobby and said He wanted to demonstrate his power to believers. He told Bobby to lease a civic building, take out a full page newspaper ad, and run a TV/radio spot about an event that would demonstrate God’s powers to believers. Bobby obeyed and the people came. The building was packed full of people, but they were all judgmental.

Bobby said, “Lord if You don’t show up I’m going to look awfully foolish.” Bobby heard the Lord say, “You’re right and don’t you ever forget it.” God’s presence filled the building and Bobby witnessed amazing signs and wonders. Some of the miracles included sight restored to blind eyes and people healed of heart disease.

“We live today in the midst of the greatest manifestation of miracles, signs, and wonders since Pentecost,” Bobby said. “Why? Because the people of the world need to see divine power in action, evidence of the reality of a God who can change their lives forever, proof that there is a light that can lead them out of darkness.”


Bobby says Christians today are having an identity crisis. In order to fulfill their spiritual destiny, believers have to know who they are. But, before Christians can know who they are, they must first understand who Christ is; without Him they cannot understand their spiritual identity. Bobby says you can increase your spiritual maturity by immersing yourself in the Word of God, praying for revelation, and asking the Spirit of God to open your eyes to the awesome things from God.

In order for the power of God to manifest in your life, Bobby states, “You have to become desperate.” You have to desire His power and presence as much as or more than you desire life itself. ‘Jesus said, “Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.’” (Matt. 5:6)

One evening when Bobby was speaking in a large coliseum, he noticed an elderly lady who looked to be in her late 70s or early 80s. The Lord said to him, “I have a prophetic word for her that will make her whole life have meaning and purpose.”

So, Bobby asked the lady to stand and told her that,” God’s going to give you a word that will make your whole life have meaning and purpose.”

The Lord told Bobby to look the woman in the face and say to her, ‘Yes, honey, I saw you picking that duck.”

Bobby admitted he was devastated at first, since this word was supposed to make her whole life have meaning and purpose. But, he reluctantly obeyed and gave her the word that God had given him. As soon as he did, the lady fell to the floor weeping and laughing.

When she was finally able to stand up, she said, “You don’t understand. When I was a young woman, during the war, the only job I could find was standing on the dock all day, picking the feathers from a duck breast to use for military clothing.” In desperation one day she cried out to God, “Oh God, do you even know where I am?”

Bobby said God remembered her and He knows you too. Bobby said no matter how insignificant you might feel – God can use you.

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