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Author, This is Your Captain Speaking (2013)

Starred as Captain Stubing of the Love Boat during the 9 year series

Appeared in numerous series, including The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and McHale’s Navy

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama, Ithaca College (NY)

Married to Patti


Love Boat Captain Committed to Christ

By The 700 Club

For six decades veteran actor Gavin MacLeod has entertained audiences on stage and TV.  He is best known for his roles as “Murray Slaughter” on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the beloved “Captain Stubing” on The Love Boat which aired in 90 countries at the height of TVs boom years. Though he’s played many characters over the years and has been an official ambassador for Princess Cruise Lines since 1986, Gavin says his greatest role is being an ambassador for Jesus.  Gavin says wherever he goes, he is an ambassador for Christ, lives to serve Him, and is honored to do so.  He didn’t have a true relationship with God until he was in his 50s though he was raised Catholic.  From this, he likes to encourage others that it is never too late to come to Jesus and He wants to be there to help.  God is your partner in life.  This is the reason Gavin decided to tell his story in his new book – to give his testimony of what God has done in his life and help people who don’t know God from going through what he did before his salvation. 

Both Gavin and Patti had first marriages that ended in divorce.  After seven years of marriage, Gavin felt his career was more important than his marriage. After he left, Patti went through extremely lonely and painful times, but in the midst of it, God was drawing her near to Him. Patti was introduced to the Lord and committed her life to Jesus Christ.  She began to pray for Gavin.               

After he left Patti, for the next three years Gavin rarely thought about Patti. 

In September, 1984, Gavin’s mother was found to have a brain tumor.  On the day she was scheduled for surgery, Gavin prayed to God that if He would give his mother more time on this earth, he would turn his life over to Him and become a child again in His hands.  After this prayer, something told him to call Patti.  And his mother survived.

Spending a great deal of time together, though Gavin wanted only to remain friends, Patti invited Gavin to a special meeting for troubled marriages.  That night he prayed to receive Jesus into his heart.  The following evening, Gavin underwent a spiritual cleansing and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

One year later, Gavin and Patti remarried as a result of the miraculous work of the power of God.  Gavin and Patti have found there are several ways they keep their marriage running on course.  They pray together daily, discuss their feeling and desires openly, and don’t try to change one another. 

The character Gavin is proudest to be recognized for is “Jonathan Sperry” from the 2008 limited Christian movie theatrical release The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.  Jonathan is a wise, older Christian man who teaches three boys biblical principles one summer in the 1970s.  Gavin believes it is the last movie he’ll ever do and it’s the greatest acting role he has ever done.  When he was offered the part, he didn’t think he was old enough to play the lead role.  However, after he read the script he realized that he was just like the character of Jonathan.

Gavin is currently working on the part of “Mr. Wilson” for a musical play of the favorite classic comic Dennis the Menace.

THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING: My Fantastic Voyage Though Hollywood, Faith & Life
“Now with humor, grace and wide-eyed enthusiasm, Gavin takes us behind the scenes of his sixty-plus years in show business as he meets and works with countless stars, including Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan, Betty White, and more. 

Come aboard as Gavin MacLeod pulls back the curtain on the ups and downs of his remarkable life, shares his travels as an ambassador for Princess Cruises, and opens up about the deep faith in God that shines through his trademark smile.”

As Gavin says, “My greatest wish, though, is that whoever reads my story will walk away at the end with a smile.  And maybe, just maybe, there’s something to be found in my journey – especially in my journey of faith – that will help give someone a little bit of hope.  Maybe even change someone’s life for the better.”

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