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Jack Hayford: 'Rebuilding the Real You'

By Christy Biswell
The 700 Club


Many years ago, Dr. Hayford was approached by one of the congregation’s elders after church. He shared this message with Dr. Hayford, “Jack, I was thinking about the number of people who are reborn but who have such a great difficulty getting their lives together. I felt the Lord impress me that I was to encourage you to bring a series of messages on that subject – something about the repairing of the human personality.” 

Three weeks later, while Dr. Hayford and his wife were at a conference, he decided to do some aggressive Bible reading. When he came upon the Book of Nehemiah, a book he had read many times before, he considered skipping it. The book documented the historical efforts of one man to assist the Jews who had returned from Babylonian captivity in the rebuilding of the walls of the city of Jerusalem. As he began to read he wasn’t expecting or looking for anything new, clever or insightful, but something happened. About three chapters into the book of Nehemiah, Dr. Hayford felt the Holy Spirit impress upon him that “this wall-rebuilding process is very close to being a picture of the way God restores people.”

Dr. Hayford returned to work and developed his Nehemiah teaching series. He did a weekly telecast of the series in the early 1980’s for the Christian Broadcasting Network.

The release of Rebuilding the Real You at this time is a revised edition of the same book published earlier. The conviction of Charisma House and myself is that we are at an hour that the timeless message of this book is uniquely suited to the brokenness, fear, uncertainty and seeming lost control of our culture in so many ways. The rebuilding potential for lives and circumstances abounding today, can be infinitely more effectively dealt with by each of us in partnership with the Holy Spirit. So many only relate to the spirit in inspirational or emotionally experiential or religious ways. Nehemiah contains a model that prophesies and illustrates the pragmatic, governance and empowering of the Holy Spirit; bringing the supernatural realities of His presence and our problems into perspective so way may draw on His aid in the practical arenas of making life work. 


“Your salvation solves the problem of your relationship with God, but it doesn’t always dissolve the problems in your life,” says Dr. Hayford. New Christians often struggle with learning how to walk steadfast with the Lord. They continue to be hindered by their earlier life. In order for Christ to consume the whole being of a new believer, Dr. Hayford says “the real you” needs to be rebuilt.

In the book of Nehemiah, he explains how the temple was rebuilt, but the walls surrounding it were rubble. Like the rebuilt temple, our relationship with God can be restored by restoring two things: (1) rulership and regained self control (represented by the restored gates), and (2) a reconstruction of our self-understanding and purpose (represented by the rebuilt walls).

The Holy Spirit's desire is to bring each of us to complete personhood. By doing so, we become able to share the whole love of God throughout the whole world.

“As the spirit rebuilds you to the depths of your being, your spirit can be revived to life in God; your soul can be restored in mind and emotions; and your physical body, habits, and conditions can become disciplined, recovering to well being,” Dr. Hayford said.


Rebuilding the real you is a very real project that will take time and will require materials, shares Dr. Hayford. Nehemiah requested and received the following things to accomplish his mission of rebuilding the walls:

  • Time – The Holy Spirit will spend all the time necessary to rebuild you. He is patient and merciful.
  • Authority – The privilege of praying and operating in the name of Jesus.
  • Materials – Elements within you that are battered by the past can be readied for rebuilding the real you just as the broken, fallen stones of Jerusalem’s wall.
  • A contingent of military troops to secure his mission and support him in the event of opposition. The Holy Spirit will provide you with an angelic guard force and stay with you throughout the rebuilding process.

Rebuilding the walls to Jerusalem was an overwhelming task and very complicated. The only way it could be completed was by people allowing other people to help alongside them. “For none of us lives to himself, and no one dies to himself” (Rom. 14:7).”The Holy Spirit is not only restoring the whole you, but He is also seeking to renew the whole church,” says Dr. Hayford.

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