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Joey Green

About Joey Green

Author of over 45 books, his latest: Magical Health Remedies(2013)

Former contributing editor to National Lampoon

Former advertising copywriter at J. Walter Thompson

Appeared on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, etc

Featured in publications such as The New York Times and U.S.A. Today

Married with two daughters

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Wacky Uses for Brand Name Products

By The 700 Club

 When Joey was working in advertising at J. Walter Thompson, he had to come up with ideas using iced tea.  He discovered that the tannin in the tea relieves sunburn pain.  “With the price of medical care and going to a drug store, it’s expensive,” says Joey.  He says there are great things you can do with stuff around the house.  When Debbie has back pain, Joey says she fills a sock full of Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice and microwaves it for 90 seconds.  The rice-filled sock conforms to the shape of her back and stays warm for 30 minutes.  “We’ve had that sock in our pantry for years, we’ve used it a hundred times, and we’ve never had to replace the rice,” says Joey.  When his oldest daughter, Julia, came down with the flu, Joey filled a large bowl with hot water and added 3 Lipton Chamomile Tea bags.  He put a towel over her head and told her to breathe in the steaming vapors for 10 minutes.  The chamomile mist broke up the congestion in her sinuses and lasted for several hours.

Joey will show:
TIP 1: Treat sunburn pain or poison ivy with Nestea.  The tannins soothe minor burns.

TIP 2:  Treat burns and relieve chest congestion with French's Mustard.  Immediately stops burning pain and prevents blisters.  Squeeze mustard on skin and cover with a warm cloth.  “Works like Vicks,” says Joey.

TIP 3:   Numb insect bites with Vicks VapoRub.  Also repels mosquitos.

TIP 4:  Soothe back pain with Tabasco Pepper Sauce.  The capsaicam is the active ingredient in peppers and also in over the counter pain ointments.

TIP 5:  Relieve diaper rash and prevent wrinkles with Crisco All-Vegetable Shortening. A natural moisturizer.

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