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Author: I’ve Never Been to Vegas, But My Luggage Has, (2014)

Founder, The Single Woman™

Named “Woman of Influence” by Nashville Business Journal

Huffington Post called her “Twitter Powerhouse”

575,000 Twitter followers

Guest Bio

Mandy Hale: Finding Satisfaction As "The Single Woman"

Eight years ago, Mandy landed her dream job as an associate producer in Country Music Television’s news department.  That year she was assigned to cover the 2005 Academy of Country Music Awards.  She was overjoyed until the realization hit that she hated flying.  On the day of departure, Mandy couldn’t eat.  She was a ball of nerves.  Mandy was flying with her boss, who was growing increasingly concerned as he watched her fumble through security and get to her seat on the plane.  As the plane was taxiing down the runway, Mandy bolted out of her seat and asked the flight attendant to let her off the plane.  Mandy walked off the plane in humiliation, and then it occurred to her that her luggage was still on the plane.  For three days, Mandy checked on the status of her luggage and the situation appeared to be that the luggage made it to Vegas but she didn’t. 

“For the past 34 years,” says Mandy, “my journey through life has been much like that infamous plane ride to Vegas that puttered its way down the runway but quickly turned back before it could really get off the ground.”  The relationships in her life had much the same pattern.  “The relationships in my life have all been no-holds-barred, full steam ahead, until something came along and threw a wrench in the plan and the plane abruptly stopped midcourse,” says Mandy.  This, however, has not disappointed her.  “Maybe I haven’t met my Prince Charming,” she says.  “But I have met dozens of toads that have taught me how to rescue myself….and along the way, through my blog The Single Woman™ I have become the voice for hundreds of women.” 

After Mandy’s embarrassing plane incident, she felt like her superiors lost faith in her.  A month after that, due to budget cuts, Mandy’s job was eliminated and soon she hit rock bottom.  “I felt like the rug had been ripped out from under me,” says Mandy.  “I had allowed the job to become my world.”  She reminds us how dangerous it is to place our identities in anything other than Christ.  Her rock bottom evolved into full-blown panic attacks 24 hours a day so she went to counseling.  Mandy focused on getting well but despite the intense therapy, medication and self-help work, she still struggled.  Finally her dad prayed for her in the car one day and immediately the final wall between her and God fell down.  “I cried for a long time in that parking lot,” says Mandy.  That night she got on her knees and asked the Lord for forgiveness for everything.  While she fought the battle against depression and won, Mandy says she still has to manage her anxiety.  “It’s okay if you suffer from panic attacks,” says Mandy.  “It doesn’t have to control or ruin your life.”

In October 2009, Mandy ended her 2 year relationship and couldn’t find any books on how to enjoy being single.  “There was nothing about enjoying the moment,” says Mandy.  She started a column which led to The Single Woman™ Twitter page which almost overnight began to pick up steam.  The Twitter page surpassed 100,000 followers in under 6 months.  That led to a Facebook page, which led to the creation of a website a year later, which led to an e-book, which became her first book, The Single Woman. 

“I never made it back to Vegas,” says Mandy.  “Every step of my journey is in God’s hands, and where He leads, I will follow. …If and when I do make it to Las Vegas some day, my luggage can join me….but my baggage is staying behind.”
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