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Best-selling author of numerous books, her latest, Cheaper, Better, Faster(2013)

Founder, Debt-Proof Living (formerly Cheapskate Monthly) offering financial tools, resources and information for online members

Syndicated newspaper columnist, Everyday Cheapskate, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers


Best Ways to Save Time and Money This Year

In 1992, Mary started publishing Cheapskate Monthy, a monthly publication of time and money-saving tips.  She invited readers to share their best ideas.  The more tips she published, the more readers responded with new and better ones.  Before long, nuggets of advice started arriving at Mary’s office faster than she could figure out what to do with them.  Her simple filing system was quickly overflowing.  In 1997, Mary published Tiptionary.  She got a positive response; people were looking for ways to save money and time.  Many tips are timeless while others are current, but some of Mary’s best tips have completely unknown origins.  “They’ve been passed down from generation to generation and someone along the line sent them my way,” says Mary.  Some tips, when put to the test, fail.  While not every person can possibly utilize every tip, Mary says her tips are a smorgasboard that people can refer to and utilize if applicable.

Mary grew up in a Christian home.  She had lots of head knowledge about God but never surrendered her life to Him. In college, Mary figured out how to abuse a checking account by spending money before she actually had it. She made it through college without excessive overdrafts and she escaped being arrested for kiting (writing a bad check on one account to cover an overdraft of another).  In 1970 after graduation, Mary married Harold.  She accumulated over $100,000 in unsecured debt in first 12 years of her marriage.  They spent the next 13 years of their marriage working hard and learning everything they could about how to cut expenses and live without incurring new debt.  “It had to get so bad before I was willing to surrender our financial situation to God,” says Mary.  “Then I made that u-turn.”  Once she confessed her poor financial stewardship, Mary says she was instantly forgiven, but not without the consequences of her behavior.  She was willing to change and God made those changes possible.

“The reason I do what I do is because I scrimp and save where it doesn’t matter so I can put my money elsewhere,” says Mary.  “Money and time-saving tips are for a reason.”

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