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Grammy-nominated, multi-Dove Award winner, Numerous albums, her latest: Hurricane, (2013)

Founder, Abolition, a non-profit organization committed to creating a community of inspired abolitionists who are determined to end sex slavery in our lifetime

Husband: Bernie Herms

3 children: Twins: Grace Ana and Isabella Noelle and Sadie Rose


Author: Turnaround God, (2013)

International speaker

Co-pastor with husband Steve, Life Church, London, England

2 children: Hope Cherish and Noah Brave

Previous Appearance


Natalie Grant: Dare to Be a World Changer

By The 700 Club

After they were married, doctors informed Natalie and Bernie they would not be able to have children so they decided to utilize fertility treatments.  Soon Natalie became pregnant with twins.  For her second pregnancy, Natalie says they did not undergo any medical intervention but afterwards she experienced a lot of post partum depression.  She would think, How could I not want to be pregnant?  Natalie battled an inner war before she decided to get medical help. Natalie’s latest album, Hurricane, tells her story.  She says she was in a dark place for a long time which is why it took her so long to make this record.

In 2005, Natalie was at a women’s conference in southern California.  Charlotte was speaking and Natalie was leading the worship.  They knew nothing about each other.  When Charlotte saw Natalie, she felt like the Lord told her that this woman -- whom she didn’t know -- would have something to do with her future.  “I couldn’t shake the feeling,” says Charlotte.  Later, when Charlotte introduced Natalie to the podium, she didn’t realize it was the same girl she had seen earlier.  “We became instantaneous friends,” says Natalie.  “It’s amazing how God connected our lives.”  They both struggled with in vitro and both were in the same places in their lives. 

Dare To Be events were birthed out of their friendship.  “We were both trying to raise kids, balance our calling and fulfilling the calling of being a wife and mom,” says Natalie.  “We wanted to raise up women that would make a difference in our communities.”  In these 3-hour events, Natalie and Charlotte encourage women to step out of their comfort zone.  If anyone has every been tempted by the words, “I dare you!” then the challenge is similar.  As time marches on in our lives, we start to take less and less risks.  “The warm blanket of comfort and familiarity comes over us and we let go that sense of adventure and wonder,” says Natalie.  Dare To Be events encourage women to step out and take risks to trust God.  Regent University is a sponsor of Dare To Be.

In 2004, Natalie was watching the show, “Law and Order.”  Not many people were talking about sex slavery.  “Then I ended up in India with my husband.  They thought he was a customer and let us into a brothel,” says Natalie.  She says the acts committed against young women are incomprehensible.  Shortly after her trip to India, Natalie says she learned that authorities broke up a brothel less than 1 mile from her house in Nashville.  She was shocked.  “This is happening in my community,” says Natalie.  Human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal activity in the world second to drug trafficking.  So she founded Abolition, a non-profit organization that works on the restorative side.  Once these victims are rescued, there is a specific process that brings wholeness to these women.  “These are victims that need specific care,” says Natalie.  Today she sits on the board.  There are plans for a domestic shelter and training shelter – the first one in America.  “No one wants to think about young girls being made to have sex 20 times a day for years of their life,” says Natalie.  “They are being exploited beyond comprehension.”

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