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Co-Founder New India Church of God (NICOG)

Oversees 3,500 local churches

Founded 14 orphanages

Founded 16 Bible colleges

Founded 6 Christian schools

Founded 40 tailoring institutes for destitute women


Ranjit Abraham: Expanding God’s Kingdom in India

The 700 Club

Pastor Abraham says a powerful revival is taking place in the eastern part of India which began a few months ago. He says, “God is doing amazing things in an area where Christians are persecuted the most.” A church that once averaged only 40 people is now attracting over 3,000 people on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. People are traveling 500 – 700 miles to attend the services and be prayed for.
In 1974, Pastor Abraham was a 21 year old chemist who had a top paying job and could have had a car. His life felt secure. Then God spoke to him and said, “Son, I have called you for a very specific purpose. I want you to resign your job, get out of your home, and go and preach the gospel to your people.” Pastor Abraham obeyed the call to preach although he had no experience. Within a few months into his ministry, he was broke, homeless, and hungry. "Having something to eat was the biggest miracle in my life in those days," says Pastor Abraham. "And in the night I had no place to go, so I used to wait for the shops to pull down the shutters so that I could sleep in front of the corridors of the shops. I started to wonder, why did He call me? " After two years of prayer and patience, Pastor Abraham and Pastor V.A. Thampy joined forces in 1976 and founded New India Church of God (NICOG). For the next four years, Pastor Abraham worked hard to expand the ministry in South India. In 1980 he felt the Lord tell him to expand the ministry to North India. With the prayers of Pastor Thampy and friends, Pastor Abraham began his journey for the next chapter of his ministry. The Lord told Pastor Abraham to go to New Delhi and make this city the base of a huge pioneering ministry that was to come. The mission field in North India was a difficult task for Pastor Abraham, since the people were much more hostile to the Gospel in this unreached part of the country. The language, the culture, the idol worship, the untouched thousands of villages and towns and the stiff opposition to the preaching of the Gospel made it extremely difficult to establish the ministry. The ratio of nominal Christians to non-Christians is 1:10 in Southern India; this number is a negligible 1:22000 in the North. Taking courage and faith in God, Pastor Abraham started the first Church of New India Church of God in North India in Delhi. Today it is one of the biggest churches in New Delhi and is growing continually. NICOG now reaches across India through more than 3,000 churches.

Throughout his extensive travel through India, Pastor Abraham came across poor children starving. It broke his heart and he wanted to do something to help these children. As a result, the Bethesda Children’s Home was born in 2000. He opened the first after visiting an area of his country where parents were selling their children for pennies. Many of these children would end up working in sweat shops or on the streets. Today there are 14 orphanages in India founded by Pastor Abraham. His ministry also operates 16 Bible colleges and six Christian mission schools. "I am totally committed to helping children," says Pastor Abraham. "I really have a heart for the children. I want them to do their best." Pastor Abraham has a heart for the people of India both young and old. His latest project is building a retirement home for aging pastors. "The pastors here in India don't have any pension. They don't have any life insurance. They don't have any social security," he explained. "The only thing is they are either looked after by their children or they're out on the streets."

CBN's Orphan's Promise has partnered with one of his 14 orphanages, and students at Regent University have also started a campus ministry called Christ for India to help raise awareness and support for Abraham's work.

For those who feel the Lord has truly called them into the ministry, Pastor Abraham offers the following advice: learn to live by faith – there are no shortcuts. As a result, you will eventually see the fruit of your faithfulness. At 60 years old, Pastor Abraham’s primary goal continues to be to reach the lost and establish churches in India for the Kingdom of God.

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