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Robert Maroon

Founder, The Therapy Network, VA Beach, founded in 1991 – 20 therapists, 7 locations

Specializes in spine pain

Worked with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

Member, American Physical Therapy Association, McKenzie Institute, etc.

BS, Physical Therapy, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY


Robert Maroon: Take Care of Your Back

The 700 Club Physical therapists are experts in prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders of the body through manual techniques, exercise programs and use of modalities in the rehabilitation of people with injuries. They are experts in returning people to normal activities following injuries.

Spine pain can come from various causes including the intevertebral discs, spinal ligaments, muscles, facet joints, etc., and can be caused by trauma from motor vehicle accidents or falls. Pain can begin insidiously after a simple task such as bending over to tie your shoelaces.

There are two types of spinal treatments that Robert’s organization uses: Manuel Therapy and McKenzie Therapy. Therapists trained in Manual Therapy identify joint motion changes in the spinal column. Once identified, a hypo mobile or “stiff” joint is stretched to restore joint mobility. If a hyper mobile or “loose” joint is identified, a therapeutic exercise program is developed to provide greater support to the injured spinal segment.

McKenzie Therapy, mechanical diagnosis and therapy, is a movement based examination and treatment program. It requires minimal use of traditional “modalities” with an emphasis on patient education, self-treatment and prevention of recurrence. This type of therapy is especially useful for spinal pain that has entered into the extremities.

Back pain takes a toll on the U.S. population. Robert says $50 billion dollars a year is spent on low back pain; 80 percent of Americans will experience low back pain (LBP) at some point in their life; LBP is the most common job-related injury; LBP is the leading contributor of missed work. Back pain has a recurring nature. Occurrences do resolve on their own, but just because the pain recedes, it doesn’t mean the problem has been resolved. If the problem is resolved, the chances of reoccurrence are greatly reduced.


Most back pain is mechanical in nature, meaning the pain is caused by a stress of the joint system. This can be caused by: Abnormal stress on normal structures (i.e., car accidents); normal stress on abnormal structures (i.e., arthritic joints); abnormal stress on abnormal structures (i.e., arthritic joints in a car accident).

Care for most back pain is to return balance to the joint system. Main LBP diagnoses are herniated disc (slipped disc, bulging disc), sciatica, back sprains, stenosis, and a pinched nerve.

To learn more about back pain and how you can overcome it, check out Dr. Maroon's fact sheet.

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